Life in Mascara: October 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

DIY: Ghost Treats

if you are like me and just realized you forgot to buy candy for Halloween tomorrow, then this simple diy is for you. head on over to the dollar store and get these supplies:

take the lollipop and place it in the center of the white napkin. bring the sides down and secure it with the clear hair elastic. take the sharpie and make some eyes and mouth. finally fluff up the ends of the napkin to make him look like he is flying. oooohhhh!!!

these will be great to give out to the kiddos or to your co-workers. don't forget to tag me if you do these on instagram @lifeinmascara. happy and safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recipe File: Pumpkin Seeds

i am new to the world of pumpkin patches and carving pumpkins. to this day i have never actually carved one, but rather stood next to boyfriend as he did with the boys. last years he roasted the seeds and i basically thought he was the next Wolfgang Puck. yes, i have lived a sheltered life.

apparently we chose the hottest weekend to take the kiddos to the pumpkin patch. i think were were there max 20 minutes. but it was still cute to see the kids get really excited over selecting their pumpkins.

we purchased only baby pumpkins and one slightly larger so the boys could paint them and we could make a few roasted seeds. so see below the super simple instructions and enjoy!

here we have a steak knife doubling as a carving knife. take out all of the gooey guts and seeds and rinse in a colander. discard the guts.

spray a baking sheet with some olive oil and lay your seeds flat. sprinkle with some salt. set your oven to 350 degrees and pop these in. it took about 15 minutes for them to be ready but just kind of watch them since all ovens are different. 

here is the finished product. they turn slightly darker and are so good! and yes that is a Darth Vader ornament on our closet doors as part of our Halloween decorations. what fun recipe's are you whipping up this fall?

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Wings to My Eyes

i am nothing without my winged eyeliner. i wear it every time i do my makeup. it is my signature. i do not save it for a special occasion because everyday is a special occasion. for me, i prefer a matte finish than a gloss finish. below i rounded up some of my favorites at different price ranges. also i listed them in order of how fast they make my heart beat when i have them. let me know what is your favorite eyeliner. i am always on the hunt for the next best thing.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Moving: Simplifying the Process

i am a pro mover. i have moved twice in the past three years and am currently moving a third time as we speak. there is no better way to say it other than moving sucks. yes i know, this isn't positive speaking, but any one who has moved in their lifetime can agree with me. it is so overwhelming to shove your life in boxes and lug them over to your new place. then you get to unpack the box you just packed and try to reassemble your life. F.U.N.

my first move went like this: shove anything i could get my hands on in my car and get the hell out.

my second move was much better. i also learned that moving can actually be somewhat of a positive experience in that you finally get a chance to purge your closet of those nasty three sizes to small jeans that laugh in your face every time you look at them. 

my move was scheduled for the end of April. i began in January. i sat down with my Sugar Paper planner and made a list of everything that needed to be done prior to the move. once i picked myself off the floor and had my poor me moment, i divided the tasks up by weeks. here you will need to prioritize. for example, you don't want to pack up your kitchen in week one unless you plan on eating out every day. in that case, can i come? so focus on the purging part the first few weeks. once i had determined what was best for me in weekly order, i then further divided the tasks up daily. i could come home from work and once i was settled in, i would look up my task and executed it. one to two tasks a day was doable. oh the satisfaction that came with it was amazing! basically it was like i had discovered the correlation between chocolate and happiness. cue happy dance. 

i set up a corner of my house in which i shoved things i no longer wanted. most of them were clothes because the dryer had shrunk them (ahem!). i let my friends get first dibs then i began to sell things. this can be time consuming but you can still make some money off of things you have finally accepted to part with. then you can use your new found funds to help pay for the movers you may be hiring, the pizza and beer to pay your friends for helping you move, the Tylenol for your aching muscles after lugging your crap out, or for paying the credit card bill your ex left you with. ding! ding! ding!

here are some items and places you can look into selling your things. like i said, it can be time consuming but it can be done:

  • Books/CDs/DVD- Half Price Books. they are quick and friendly.
  • Clothes/Shoes/Accessories- Uptown Cheapskate. they range from juniors to adults. i also find that they pay the best. Plato's Closet. They are more of a junior shop but they still take a good variety of clothes. Clothes Mentor. they take more adult clothes but i was told that my pants were beyond the size that they took at a 12/14. they made me cry and hurt my one remaining feeling. so thick skin before you walk in there people!
in order to get the best bang for your buck make sure that your clothes are clean and not damaged. don't waste your time and theirs by taking them that shirt with the hole in the armpit or those leggings with the tear in the crotch area (oh don't act like you don't know what i am talking about!). you don't need to iron them since they steam them but i find that if i take them smoothed out a bit they are more likely to take them. 

you can always do Craigslist, Facebook, or an old fashioned yard sale. with anything that is left over, you can donate to your favorite local charity. those Goodwill donation sites are everywhere!  

once all is said and done, you will feel mentally and physically lighter. i repeated the purging of my closet a total of 4 times before doing my first move. over 15 bags left my house that time. i did it once again while i settled into the new apartment. and just 6 months later as i move again into boyfriends house, i have done it over 3 times. don't be afraid to let go people. sometimes you just have to.        

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's In a Dream?

the other night i woke up suddenly from a dream and the first thing that popped in my head was 'wow! i am getting brave'. you see for a very long time after leaving my ex, i would have these very vivid dreams with him in it of what i had gone through and of what i feared the most: him finding me again. night after night after night they came. i slept very little and dreaded having them. they wore me out. i would wake up drenched in sweat sometimes crying out. i hated it. i saw it as a weakness. how could i be so tough at work, a manager leading my team, cold hearted at that, and then come home and be broken by a dream? something that wasn't even real. these dreams are still around. they are less frequent and have less of an impact on me. but this recent dream did leave a mark, but in a positive way. 

that night i shared the dream with boyfriend as we were cleaning the kitchen after dinner. in the dream my ex and i were in the car. we were talking and as it often happened i replied in a way that he didn't like and changed the radio station. realizing what i had done, i shrugged in my shoulders and braced. he began his tirade. just going on and on about how dare i talk to him that way. who did i think i was? he wasn't one of my employees. why did i change the station? just stupid things really but as he said that to me, i changed. i unshrugged my shoulders and lifted my head and talked back to him. i can't even remember what i said but it wasn't in a fighting tone. he turned and looked at me and stayed quiet. i would have never in a million years have done that because i would have paid for it for days. i would have just stayed quiet or apologized not because i knew i had done anything wrong, but because it was easier on me that way. the dream version of me recognized how out of character that was and i had an aha moment. that's when i woke up. boyfriend didn't miss a beat and said 'well you don't have to worry about that anymore' and kept on. and he is right. i don't. but more than anything it showed me my personal growth. i was not only beating him in real life, i was beating my dreams too. 

i know i didn't deal properly with my feelings after the great escape. i didn't go to therapy though i know i probably should. it would have at least helped me talk about it and accept that what he had been doing to me all those years was not o.k. when i finally looked into going to therapy, i could no longer afford it due to my insurance and job change. i chose to deal with it on my own and when i was ready to talk about it, i did. i talked to boyfriend and told him things that probably put my reaction to situations into light. i talked to my closest girlfriends and explained why at times my behavior was odd. i talked to friends i had lost contact with and came clean as to why i had pulled away from them (because he didn't like them and that was that). it worked for me. i felt so relieved to do this and everyone's reactions were so positive and embracing. i felt lighter because i was no longer carrying this load on my own. 

if you are in this situation, my urging you to go out and get help may not reach you and trust me, i understand this. it is not until you can accept it in your heart that you can move on. whether you have the financial means to do so or not there are people that can help you. my work network has led me to form a relationship with United Way. i had no idea so much help was out there. but if you need guidance on what to do or where to go you can reach them at 2-1-1. i hope that you do. i hope that you learn to love yourself. i hope that you know that you are not alone. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Thankful Jar

with the hustle and bustle of our every day lives, it becomes easy to forget to be thankful for the things that keep us going. when i think back on this year alone, i am blown away by all the blessings that i have received. i will take a moment here to say that i reference God and my belief is in Him but i do not push my religion onto anybody. i am 100% open to anybody's beliefs that work for them. that being said, back to my rant. 

last year i began to keep a thankful jar in which i would place a note about something that i was grateful for. it didn't have to be this grand event, but just something that brought a smile to my face. when i would have a bad day, i would open my jar and read through these notes and that smile would slowly start to creep back. even though at a specific moment i could feel the world come crashing down around me, those little notes would remind me that i had so much to be thankful for.

i slowly began to incorporate other little things in my jar such as tickets to that awesome show or a little cute trinket i found along the way. on New Year's Eve, i took out my jar and read through all the blessings that i had been fortunate to have experienced that year. trust me when i say it puts things into perspective. it is also amazing to me that i have in a short period of time forgotten that certain things actually happened. so this is a fun and almost spiritual way for me to give thanks for a year ending and a year to come.

don't wait until the end of the year to give thanks for all that you have received. simply take a moment to close your eyes and reflect on the beauty that is around you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

DIY: Monster Door

here is another diy i tackled this weekend. it is really easy and it took me about 15 minutes to do. the kids loved it! another trip to the dollar store (woop! woop!) may be in order or you may even have some of these things at home already.

the streamer paper is $0.88 at Party City. at Dollar Tree they are obviously $0.99 but they come in a two pack. pick out the colors you want for the monster hair but the black is a must. next, cut out the eyeballs from black card stock or construction paper and tape them to the center of the paper plates. i chose these plates specifically because they have that ribbed edge that makes it look more eyebally (new word here) than a smooth plate. but again, use what you have.

next, move over to your door. it is time to tape, tape, tape. i chose to tape and cut as i went along rather than pre-cut but you can do them either way. decide which color will be your base color and begin taping the edge of your streamer paper to the top ledge of your door. make sure to leave about half an inch to an inch of blank space on each side of your door so it doesn't get caught in the door frame. once you reach the desired length cut the streamer. i wanted mine to look more ragged rather than perfect so i cut some longer than others and also sometimes at a slight angle. repeat this step but slightly over lap the pieces so it forms a good base. once this is done, choose your next color and begin the process over again. this time though, you will not overlap them. rather, you will skip a streamer in between the two colors so they alternate. so for me it was green, lime green, green, lime green. a pattern! as my oldest would say. that boy is a genius at 6 years old i tell you. but i digress...

i then chose white streamers to add a highlighting effect to Monster Door's hair. he is fashionable i tell you. what i did was put a white streamer strip down, skip a space, then put another white streamer. then i skipped about three green strips and then again laid a white streamer down. this picture better explains things i hope.

the last hair step was adding some black strips. i laid the streamer paper in between the two white streamers and actually cut these streamers the longest and all at an angle. now Monster Door's 'do is complete!

finally add some angry eyebrows in a 'V' shape, tape the eyes under them, and make a stitched mouth and he is done! here is the finished product:

also at this point my guard dog was done supervising the whole process and was taking a nappy nap.

Petie Dog
anyways, i hope you like this diy project and try it out yourselves. remember to follow me on Instagram and tag me if you try it @lifeinmascara. happy crafting!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Be the Light


after the great escape happened, i got settled into a new apartment with the help of some great friends. i ate whatever, whenever, not really focusing on me but mainly on the two most important souls i had with me, my dogs. they were displaced and feeling it. they whimpered and were restless. i had uprooted their lives too. they no longer had a yard to roam free in, but rather, lived in the spare bathroom of my apartment. their bellies were a mess as well. the first month was filled with vet appointments. i would come home from work and lay holding them to my chest on our inflatable mattress. because that was all we had. an inflatable mattress given to me by a great friend (the man i will soon marry) and some sheets that my old college roommate, who also helped me get the apartment, gave us. they were my life raft and i was prepared to cling on to them for dear life.

we began to settle into our new life just the four of us, Pedro, Bear, the Mattress, and myself. yet i could still see their anxiety. i began to wonder if i was actually feeding them my own anxiety. in the name of science, or whatever you want to call it, i put it to the test. i started to act more cheerful around them. i spoke in a happy high pitched voice and literally pranced around the empty apartment with them in tow. i sung to them and i danced with them in my arms (Pedro not so much a fan of this) but i did it. i made sure not to cry in front of them. call me crazy but when the nights became a reminder of just how alone i really was and the tears began to form, i would take a shower. there were times i would shower 3 to 4 times a day. it would make me feel better because my dogs would not place their little snouts to my face and lick my tears away as they whined in pain for me, but also because the water would wash away my tears, in turn washing away my pain. as time went by the fake happiness began to be replaced by true happiness and my dogs began to slowly heal themselves. the whining subsided. the doggie diarrhea passed. off we were the dogs, the mattress, and i to our new lives.

not to diminish anyone's help during this whole ordeal but i honestly believe that had it not been for them, the whole process would have been more difficult. i don't think that i could have crawled out of my bunker and braved the world as i did with out them. i was strong for them. i was a mom to them. i lived for them and they in turn gave me the purest form of love and affection. the bond between a human and a dog is something only a pet lover can express. all i know is that i have lived off of cup a noodle and water many days so that my babies can have their ever expensive prescription diet (Bear is diabetic and Pedro refuses to eat anything else if Bear doesn't eat it too) and medicine. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

what i am trying to say is that we have the capability to be the light in other people's lives and yet we choose not to. we can infuse them with happiness simply by choosing to be happy ourselves. it is not always simple, trust me i get that, but the possibility is within us. who have you been a light to today?

Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY: Haunted Houses

as i mentioned before, i love Halloween. i wanted to add a few more pieces to our décor but didn't want to go over board. i went to the dollar store to see what they had and what i could make out of it. they had already started putting out their Christmas decorations which in turn gave me anxiety but that is a whole other story for another time. anyways, i came across their Christmas village and remembered how last year i had finally broken down and bought these for my house. the paint and detail is a bit hit and miss but really who cares? i had brought them home and added them to my table. they were cute enough but i decided to change them up a bit. i spray painted them white and then spray painted the roofs with some glitter spray. they turned out ridiculously cute. so chic and looked like i had paid a fortune for them. with that in mind i brought these home and proceeded to make my haunted houses.

pretty much i took the houses out to the garage where boyfriend has set up a snazzy corner for me to spray paint. no action shot of this guys because there is nothing cute about it. my toes and hands end up the color of whatever i am painting. let me tell you blue toes are hot! i gave the houses two coats of flat black paint. it doesn't have to be perfect but it did require two coats because of the red brick detail the houses had.

once they were dry, i just laid out the spider webbing and arranged the spiders on the rooftops.  below is the finished product.

i really like the way they came out. it's a nice addition to our coffee table. let me know if you try it out. don't forget to follow me on Instagram and tag me @lifeinmascara.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Craft Corner: Sassy Pumpkins

oh much do i love thee? not only do i celebrate my brothers and mothers birthday in this month, but you also bring me Halloween. my absolute fave!!! yes i am one of those adults who still dresses up and when i actually owned a house, i would race home from work, dress up, and sit outside ready to deliver candy to all the little cuties out there. when my ex and i separated, we lost the house. he actually kept pretty much everything in it including my beloved decorations. as i have mentioned before, life was a bit hard for me in the years that followed and i couldn't really afford any extras. but i couldn't very well not pay homage to this day could i? i pretty much raided every dollar store in my city to come up with some kind of décor that i could put up.

this year things are a bit different for me. financially i am a bit better and i am currently in the process of moving into boyfriends house as our wedding is around the corner...eeeeeekkkkkk!!!! in a house where the xy chromosome reigns supreme with 3 dogs, two boys (note: the boys are from boyfriends first marriage but are the eternal loves of my life), and boyfriend i am trying not to over power this house with Hello Kitty décor. while bats and spiders can take over the house during this time, i wanted to add something that would take me through the end of fall as well. enter my #fabfind from Marshalls! i found these great fabric flowers with an adhesive square already in the back. at $1.99 each down from $5.00 at their original price, i couldn't really pass them up! i already had some ribbon at home so all i really needed were the pumpkins.

first wipe down your pumpkins with a mild cleaner or just some water. then take your flowers and just kind of hold them up to your pumpkin and decide where you want them to go. next, peel the adhesive square on the back and press it against your pumpkin. i added 2 to the small one and then wrapped some ribbon around the top of it. i don't think it is coming across in the images but the ribbon actually has silver glitter on the white part. i pretty much did the same thing with the big pumpkin. and 5 minutes later i had my #fabfind pumpkins. i really like the way they came out and the best part is that after my pumpkins are long gone, the supplies i used can be reused for next years. once again Marshalls to the rescue. i think we'll head out to a pumpkin patch this weekend with the boys so they can make their own. do you prefer to make your own decorations or buy them already made? be sure to tag me @lifeinmascara on Instagram so i can see what crafty things you are up to this weekend. happy crafting everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recipe File: Soup for the Soul

we have all heard the phrase 'chicken soup for the soul' obviously made intensely popular by the series of books by the same name. but in our house we basically eat chicken everyday. so during boyfriends healing process i decided to make him some caldo de albondigas, which in its literal translation from Spanish to English means meatball soup.

this is a really easy to follow recipe but i must warn you if you are an avid cook who likes precise measurements or a food blogger be prepared to be driven insane by my directions. i believe it is in my blood since when i first started to learn how to cook i would have to call my mother and my grandmother to walk me through it and was given units of measurements such as 'un sas' and 'un chingazo'. now don't even bother looking those units of measurements up in any language because i can tell you now, they do not exist. you're welcome. i just saved you a minor wtf moment.

here is what you will need:

pretty much self explanatory here by my newly discovered text overlay skills. for those of you that are wondering that is two stalks of celery and two roma tomatos. the chunk that is not diced is intentional. you will place it in your boiling pot of water with its guts exposed (what? i am eager for Halloween) along with the cilantro, onion, and garlic. add some salt and beef bullion powder and bring to a fast boil.

yummy goodness boiling up above and a sneak peak of my toes. anyone else obsessed with white nail polish pretty much all year round?

next, mix together 1 lb ground beef. i prefer to use the middle version of it, as in not too fatty, not too lean. throw in the diced tomato, a palm full of rice (oh yeah. see those familiar units of measurement i was talking about?), an egg, some salt and pepper. mix together and roll them into meatballs. you don't want them too big or way to small since they will fall apart in the boil. so aim for if you really wanted too you could shove the entire meatball in your mouth. got a visual? good. go for it.

now take your ladle and drop in the celery. trust me when i say use your ladle. the water is boiling and it will splash you when you drop something in. burn me once, shame on me. burn me twice, i hate you pot of boiling yumminess! next place your meatballs in one by one. wait a few minutes, basically when the meatballs are no longer pink but more like a greyish shade and drop in the potato's cut into chunks and the baby carrots. now gnarl that hand of yours so your palm surface area (wow, really?) is smaller than when you used it for the beef bullion. that is how much more rice you will need. now throw that in your pot of goodness and bring to a boil. cover the pot and bring to around a medium heat. let it simmer for about 20 minutes or until your potato's and rice are ready and enjoy!   

here is the finished product :

while my picture may not be of the best quality (working with a cell phone here) i promise you will not be disappointed. let me know in the comments below if you tried my recipe. also tag me to any pics of it you may take on Instagram @lifeinmascara.

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Deal is a Deal

hello lovelies! i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. i spent mine staring, literally, at boyfriend. he underwent surgery for his nose on Thursday but thankfully is recooperating nicely. boyfriend sent his team a picture of George Clooney and told them that luckily his face hadn't changed much after the surgery. gotta love his sense of humor. anyways, last week i hit the mother of all jackpots during my bargain shopping at Marshalls which has quickly become my new favorite store. that morning i was wrapped in my comfty blankie watching my favorite youtuber Estee who also runs her own blog. i was watching some older videos of hers and she happened to mention this Swedush brand called Estelle and Thild. the packaging along sold me and i yelled across the house to boyfriend that we needed to go to Sweden so that i could buy this. he yelled back an ok. i powered off my tablet and put on some socially acceptable clothing and headed off to run some errands. i went into Marshalls to look for that spoon you use when you make spaghetti, you know the one that looks like a ladle but with teeth along the edges. yeah that one! as i was walking to that department i happened to glance at the beauty section. mind you i never do this because i have a deep rooted relationship with my Cetaphil and Lush products (what is that you say? you want to see my Lush regime in a future post? done!). but let me tell you i was ever so glad that i did! i spotted the exact product my girl Estee was talking about! eeeekkkkk!!!!

can we all die a little bit right now just on how cute the packaging is? wait until you see the bottles...

die. die twice here! i quickly lunged at the counter and grabbed them all in my greedy hands before someone else dared to snatch them from me (there was absolutly no one around). then i saw the before ($50) and after ($16.99) price. for miles and miles dogs howled at the high pitched shriek my vocal cords emitted. i did a quick Google search and found that in most online sights this product retails for more like $75. holy shit guys can we say epic score?!?!? mind you my funds are more like non essistant these days but i know a deal when i see one. plus the beauty of any retailer is that when you are not satisfied with a product or you had a horrible reaction from it, they will return it and give you a full refund. screw you toothy ladle, i got my new skin care!

when i got home i went into research mode and found out that this brand was created by a mother who wanted a product that was organic and pure and good enough for her daughters whom she named her brand after. she incorporates nothing but the best extracts and oils, healthy vitamins and antioxidents, and just plain awesomess into her products. i should state here that i am allergic to life and basically my skin reacts to everything so i choose only the most pure products to treat my face. i go slow and incorporate one product at a time when i want to switch things up. so far it has been a week of using the Facial Oil Rose Otto product on my face, neck, and chest and i am in love, love, love! it absorbs so quickly and the rose scent is so faint which is a plus to me because too perfumey (yes that is a word. i invented it.) products make my skin freak the hell out. is it too quick for me to recommend this product to you? no i don't think so. i know the price point is a bit too high for most and chances are you may not find it at your Marshalls but if you want to invest in something that will help make your skin feel like satin and hydrate it like you have just been infused with mother earth's love then invest in this. #fabfind

Friday, October 3, 2014

Werk it Gurl

what long weekends are all about...working from home. spend this weekend doing something that inspires you. come Monday you will feel better for it. i shall now sit here and work on my book whilst sipping on some orange black tea. let me know what your weekend plans are.

note: Sugar Paper announced yesterday on their Instagram feed that they are actually releasing their planners on October 28. i have already marked it on my planner and plan to be there at 8 a.m. so i can spend about an hour staring at them and then selecting my new one. eeeekkkkkk!!!

also you can follow me on Instagram @lifeinmascara and my personal is @palomitablanca03.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

From a Negative Nancy to a Positive Polly

i have never been one of those people who are always chipper and who people always think about as being happy and positive. i wear my emotions on my face and anyone can tell when i am in a bad mood. i completely shut down and stop talking. i learned this from constantly being told that what i had to say wasn't important and after hearing the words 'i don't care' over and over again, you sort of learn to just internalize everything. the internal dialogue in my mind is in constant stream and in two languages at that (Spanish is my first language). i am not saying that this is healthy but over the years i have been working on expressing my feelings, my wants, my demands, my cravings. when boyfriend and i started dating this was one of the things we both knew we needed to work on . it was very hard for me at first to even vocalize a simple request such as 'let's go eat here'. i wouldn't look at him in the eyes for long. i would cower and shrug my shoulders in and i would cringe at the sound of my name. who does that? unfortunately, many of us do. 

being the avid reader that i am (currently trying to reach my New Year's resolution of reading 52 books in a year) i came across The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. in it she documents a year of her life in where she sets out to become a happier person by identifying and reevaluating what areas she knew she needed to readdress. Ok guys, I read this book in two days and only because I had to go to work. lame. i loved it. i didn't see it as a self help book but in the current black hole i had set up residence in, it was the only book that spoke to my soul. in the book Rubin writes her 'commandments' as a guideline or rules of how she should address things. she also made a list, her 'happiness projects' of the areas that she wanted to focus on. i constantly found myself thinking very much like she did and agreeing with her on many things. Rubin, of course, was not coming out of an abusive relationship but she is human and is subject to things that can overtime create resentment in ourselves. 

i knew i wanted to do my own version of this happiness project and instantly busted out my Sugar Paper for Target planner (2015 planners to be released Nov. 1, 2014 eeeekkkkk!!!! anyone? anyone? just me? oh...) and my matching hot pink pen and got straight to work. Inserting bad scanned image in 3,2,1...

epic handwriting example up above
while this may make sense to myself and myself only, that is exactly the point. this works for me. when i am having a bad day, i can refer back to this and find that one of these guidelines can apply.
i encourage you to look deeply into your life and truly ask yourself 'am i happy?'. if the answer is no, do not be afraid. instead be inspired and empowered to start your own happiness project.
what is one guideline, mission statement, rule that you strongly abide by?