Life in Mascara: A Deal is a Deal

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Deal is a Deal

hello lovelies! i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. i spent mine staring, literally, at boyfriend. he underwent surgery for his nose on Thursday but thankfully is recooperating nicely. boyfriend sent his team a picture of George Clooney and told them that luckily his face hadn't changed much after the surgery. gotta love his sense of humor. anyways, last week i hit the mother of all jackpots during my bargain shopping at Marshalls which has quickly become my new favorite store. that morning i was wrapped in my comfty blankie watching my favorite youtuber Estee who also runs her own blog. i was watching some older videos of hers and she happened to mention this Swedush brand called Estelle and Thild. the packaging along sold me and i yelled across the house to boyfriend that we needed to go to Sweden so that i could buy this. he yelled back an ok. i powered off my tablet and put on some socially acceptable clothing and headed off to run some errands. i went into Marshalls to look for that spoon you use when you make spaghetti, you know the one that looks like a ladle but with teeth along the edges. yeah that one! as i was walking to that department i happened to glance at the beauty section. mind you i never do this because i have a deep rooted relationship with my Cetaphil and Lush products (what is that you say? you want to see my Lush regime in a future post? done!). but let me tell you i was ever so glad that i did! i spotted the exact product my girl Estee was talking about! eeeekkkkk!!!!

can we all die a little bit right now just on how cute the packaging is? wait until you see the bottles...

die. die twice here! i quickly lunged at the counter and grabbed them all in my greedy hands before someone else dared to snatch them from me (there was absolutly no one around). then i saw the before ($50) and after ($16.99) price. for miles and miles dogs howled at the high pitched shriek my vocal cords emitted. i did a quick Google search and found that in most online sights this product retails for more like $75. holy shit guys can we say epic score?!?!? mind you my funds are more like non essistant these days but i know a deal when i see one. plus the beauty of any retailer is that when you are not satisfied with a product or you had a horrible reaction from it, they will return it and give you a full refund. screw you toothy ladle, i got my new skin care!

when i got home i went into research mode and found out that this brand was created by a mother who wanted a product that was organic and pure and good enough for her daughters whom she named her brand after. she incorporates nothing but the best extracts and oils, healthy vitamins and antioxidents, and just plain awesomess into her products. i should state here that i am allergic to life and basically my skin reacts to everything so i choose only the most pure products to treat my face. i go slow and incorporate one product at a time when i want to switch things up. so far it has been a week of using the Facial Oil Rose Otto product on my face, neck, and chest and i am in love, love, love! it absorbs so quickly and the rose scent is so faint which is a plus to me because too perfumey (yes that is a word. i invented it.) products make my skin freak the hell out. is it too quick for me to recommend this product to you? no i don't think so. i know the price point is a bit too high for most and chances are you may not find it at your Marshalls but if you want to invest in something that will help make your skin feel like satin and hydrate it like you have just been infused with mother earth's love then invest in this. #fabfind

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