Life in Mascara: DIY: Haunted Houses

Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY: Haunted Houses

as i mentioned before, i love Halloween. i wanted to add a few more pieces to our décor but didn't want to go over board. i went to the dollar store to see what they had and what i could make out of it. they had already started putting out their Christmas decorations which in turn gave me anxiety but that is a whole other story for another time. anyways, i came across their Christmas village and remembered how last year i had finally broken down and bought these for my house. the paint and detail is a bit hit and miss but really who cares? i had brought them home and added them to my table. they were cute enough but i decided to change them up a bit. i spray painted them white and then spray painted the roofs with some glitter spray. they turned out ridiculously cute. so chic and looked like i had paid a fortune for them. with that in mind i brought these home and proceeded to make my haunted houses.

pretty much i took the houses out to the garage where boyfriend has set up a snazzy corner for me to spray paint. no action shot of this guys because there is nothing cute about it. my toes and hands end up the color of whatever i am painting. let me tell you blue toes are hot! i gave the houses two coats of flat black paint. it doesn't have to be perfect but it did require two coats because of the red brick detail the houses had.

once they were dry, i just laid out the spider webbing and arranged the spiders on the rooftops.  below is the finished product.

i really like the way they came out. it's a nice addition to our coffee table. let me know if you try it out. don't forget to follow me on Instagram and tag me @lifeinmascara.

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  1. Love this idea! I also think the spider is a cute touch. Gotta try this next year :)