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Friday, October 17, 2014

DIY: Monster Door

here is another diy i tackled this weekend. it is really easy and it took me about 15 minutes to do. the kids loved it! another trip to the dollar store (woop! woop!) may be in order or you may even have some of these things at home already.

the streamer paper is $0.88 at Party City. at Dollar Tree they are obviously $0.99 but they come in a two pack. pick out the colors you want for the monster hair but the black is a must. next, cut out the eyeballs from black card stock or construction paper and tape them to the center of the paper plates. i chose these plates specifically because they have that ribbed edge that makes it look more eyebally (new word here) than a smooth plate. but again, use what you have.

next, move over to your door. it is time to tape, tape, tape. i chose to tape and cut as i went along rather than pre-cut but you can do them either way. decide which color will be your base color and begin taping the edge of your streamer paper to the top ledge of your door. make sure to leave about half an inch to an inch of blank space on each side of your door so it doesn't get caught in the door frame. once you reach the desired length cut the streamer. i wanted mine to look more ragged rather than perfect so i cut some longer than others and also sometimes at a slight angle. repeat this step but slightly over lap the pieces so it forms a good base. once this is done, choose your next color and begin the process over again. this time though, you will not overlap them. rather, you will skip a streamer in between the two colors so they alternate. so for me it was green, lime green, green, lime green. a pattern! as my oldest would say. that boy is a genius at 6 years old i tell you. but i digress...

i then chose white streamers to add a highlighting effect to Monster Door's hair. he is fashionable i tell you. what i did was put a white streamer strip down, skip a space, then put another white streamer. then i skipped about three green strips and then again laid a white streamer down. this picture better explains things i hope.

the last hair step was adding some black strips. i laid the streamer paper in between the two white streamers and actually cut these streamers the longest and all at an angle. now Monster Door's 'do is complete!

finally add some angry eyebrows in a 'V' shape, tape the eyes under them, and make a stitched mouth and he is done! here is the finished product:

also at this point my guard dog was done supervising the whole process and was taking a nappy nap.

Petie Dog
anyways, i hope you like this diy project and try it out yourselves. remember to follow me on Instagram and tag me if you try it @lifeinmascara. happy crafting!

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