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Friday, October 24, 2014

Moving: Simplifying the Process

i am a pro mover. i have moved twice in the past three years and am currently moving a third time as we speak. there is no better way to say it other than moving sucks. yes i know, this isn't positive speaking, but any one who has moved in their lifetime can agree with me. it is so overwhelming to shove your life in boxes and lug them over to your new place. then you get to unpack the box you just packed and try to reassemble your life. F.U.N.

my first move went like this: shove anything i could get my hands on in my car and get the hell out.

my second move was much better. i also learned that moving can actually be somewhat of a positive experience in that you finally get a chance to purge your closet of those nasty three sizes to small jeans that laugh in your face every time you look at them. 

my move was scheduled for the end of April. i began in January. i sat down with my Sugar Paper planner and made a list of everything that needed to be done prior to the move. once i picked myself off the floor and had my poor me moment, i divided the tasks up by weeks. here you will need to prioritize. for example, you don't want to pack up your kitchen in week one unless you plan on eating out every day. in that case, can i come? so focus on the purging part the first few weeks. once i had determined what was best for me in weekly order, i then further divided the tasks up daily. i could come home from work and once i was settled in, i would look up my task and executed it. one to two tasks a day was doable. oh the satisfaction that came with it was amazing! basically it was like i had discovered the correlation between chocolate and happiness. cue happy dance. 

i set up a corner of my house in which i shoved things i no longer wanted. most of them were clothes because the dryer had shrunk them (ahem!). i let my friends get first dibs then i began to sell things. this can be time consuming but you can still make some money off of things you have finally accepted to part with. then you can use your new found funds to help pay for the movers you may be hiring, the pizza and beer to pay your friends for helping you move, the Tylenol for your aching muscles after lugging your crap out, or for paying the credit card bill your ex left you with. ding! ding! ding!

here are some items and places you can look into selling your things. like i said, it can be time consuming but it can be done:

  • Books/CDs/DVD- Half Price Books. they are quick and friendly.
  • Clothes/Shoes/Accessories- Uptown Cheapskate. they range from juniors to adults. i also find that they pay the best. Plato's Closet. They are more of a junior shop but they still take a good variety of clothes. Clothes Mentor. they take more adult clothes but i was told that my pants were beyond the size that they took at a 12/14. they made me cry and hurt my one remaining feeling. so thick skin before you walk in there people!
in order to get the best bang for your buck make sure that your clothes are clean and not damaged. don't waste your time and theirs by taking them that shirt with the hole in the armpit or those leggings with the tear in the crotch area (oh don't act like you don't know what i am talking about!). you don't need to iron them since they steam them but i find that if i take them smoothed out a bit they are more likely to take them. 

you can always do Craigslist, Facebook, or an old fashioned yard sale. with anything that is left over, you can donate to your favorite local charity. those Goodwill donation sites are everywhere!  

once all is said and done, you will feel mentally and physically lighter. i repeated the purging of my closet a total of 4 times before doing my first move. over 15 bags left my house that time. i did it once again while i settled into the new apartment. and just 6 months later as i move again into boyfriends house, i have done it over 3 times. don't be afraid to let go people. sometimes you just have to.        

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