Life in Mascara: Recipe File: Soup for the Soul

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recipe File: Soup for the Soul

we have all heard the phrase 'chicken soup for the soul' obviously made intensely popular by the series of books by the same name. but in our house we basically eat chicken everyday. so during boyfriends healing process i decided to make him some caldo de albondigas, which in its literal translation from Spanish to English means meatball soup.

this is a really easy to follow recipe but i must warn you if you are an avid cook who likes precise measurements or a food blogger be prepared to be driven insane by my directions. i believe it is in my blood since when i first started to learn how to cook i would have to call my mother and my grandmother to walk me through it and was given units of measurements such as 'un sas' and 'un chingazo'. now don't even bother looking those units of measurements up in any language because i can tell you now, they do not exist. you're welcome. i just saved you a minor wtf moment.

here is what you will need:

pretty much self explanatory here by my newly discovered text overlay skills. for those of you that are wondering that is two stalks of celery and two roma tomatos. the chunk that is not diced is intentional. you will place it in your boiling pot of water with its guts exposed (what? i am eager for Halloween) along with the cilantro, onion, and garlic. add some salt and beef bullion powder and bring to a fast boil.

yummy goodness boiling up above and a sneak peak of my toes. anyone else obsessed with white nail polish pretty much all year round?

next, mix together 1 lb ground beef. i prefer to use the middle version of it, as in not too fatty, not too lean. throw in the diced tomato, a palm full of rice (oh yeah. see those familiar units of measurement i was talking about?), an egg, some salt and pepper. mix together and roll them into meatballs. you don't want them too big or way to small since they will fall apart in the boil. so aim for if you really wanted too you could shove the entire meatball in your mouth. got a visual? good. go for it.

now take your ladle and drop in the celery. trust me when i say use your ladle. the water is boiling and it will splash you when you drop something in. burn me once, shame on me. burn me twice, i hate you pot of boiling yumminess! next place your meatballs in one by one. wait a few minutes, basically when the meatballs are no longer pink but more like a greyish shade and drop in the potato's cut into chunks and the baby carrots. now gnarl that hand of yours so your palm surface area (wow, really?) is smaller than when you used it for the beef bullion. that is how much more rice you will need. now throw that in your pot of goodness and bring to a boil. cover the pot and bring to around a medium heat. let it simmer for about 20 minutes or until your potato's and rice are ready and enjoy!   

here is the finished product :

while my picture may not be of the best quality (working with a cell phone here) i promise you will not be disappointed. let me know in the comments below if you tried my recipe. also tag me to any pics of it you may take on Instagram @lifeinmascara.

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