Life in Mascara: November 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Berry Licious

while most people flock to oxblood lip colors at the first sign of cold weather, i do not. the color, other than red of course, that i jump into at this time is more berry. i rounded up 5 of my favorite berry shades that range from sheer to full on color.

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Garnet- to be honest i was first drawn to this product because it has a giant rhinestone on the top. bedazzle anything and i want it. the color is very rich. it is more like a liquid lipstick than a gloss. it is not sticky and it lasts for a long time. i was very impressed by this product.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry- an oldie but a goody. it is sheer but not so completely sheer. it is my favorite berry shade ever. this is my everyday lip color during this time. this shade makes all neutral brown eye shadows pop.

MAC Dazzleglass in Date Night- this shade leans towards the purple side with an iridescent sheen to it. plus it has bright purple glitter in it. it doesn't look cheap or childish though as it is very fine glitter. trust me, wear this and the shine of this gloss will get you noticed. 

L'Oreal Glossy Balm in Vintage Rose- this balm is so creamy and buttery. it goes on smooth with a good amount of color. not wild about the scent at all but i can over look that.

Flower Lip Service Lip Butter in Wispy Wisteria- seeing a trend in my favoring lip balms than a full on lipstick? this product doesn't disappoint. it is slightly thicker than the rest but regardless still goes on smooth. the color is vibrant and buildable since it is not so sheer to make it look more like a lipstick.

let me know what your favorite berry shade is in the comments below or tweet me @lifeinmascara.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


very into the Toms for Target collection that just launched. here are some of my favs but really it is all very good. clean, crip, minimalist. all of these would make great gifts during the holidays as well. but the added bonus is that you get the satisfaction of knowing you are doing some good by shopping these items. for every #tomsfortarget gift you buy, Toms is giving away a pair of shoes, a blanket, or a meal to those in need. so think twice before shopping, and give the gift that keeps on giving. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

recently, i have become more aware of my skin. mainly it was because i turned 30 and i was waiting for gravity to take its toll the next day. i have crazy sensitive skin and have always battled with acne to top it off. up until that point, i had never been able to successfully wear lotion on my face because i would break out. i knew if i didn't find something that worked for me, i would end up looking like a shriveled prune by the time i reached 40 (gasp!). 

after trying different things and them not working i finally found what works for me. i cleanse my face with Lush Ultrabland. this is a beeswax based makeup remover and all purpose cleaner. i don't use it to remove my makeup, only to cleanse it. it was so weird for me to use a paste and not see any suds. it left my skin so soft and not dry which i associated with it being clean. it took some getting used to but i now love it. 

next step is beauty oil. i was told that the reason i had these hard pimples under my skin that wouldn't come to a head was because my skin needed moisture. in the morning i use this rose oil that i have previously mentioned (i use a different one at night). i use 5 pumps and i slather that all over my neck, front and back, my chest, and my boobies (they need to be moisturized too). what is left on my hands i press onto my face. it absorbs so quickly with no greasy mess. it also leaves a satin-like texture on my face. 

then i go for a few sprits of Tea Tree Water Toner which is a clearing toner for oily and spotty skin. if i have some spots on my skin i dab a bit of Grease Lightning on them. this stuff is ridiculously awesome. clears away acne for me literally in a day. its gentle enough to use on a daily basis and does not cause redness. so again, i only use when needed. perfectly ok to skip it.

now the eyes. the gateways to the soul. i put a generous amount of Enchanted Eye Cream under my eyes and on my eyelids. it helps with dark circles and tighten fine lines with lavender and honey. which is great because i have this wrinkle on my left eye that makes perfecting my eyeliner flick a nightmare. #beautyproblems

finally i go in with a dab of Celestial. a little goes a long way here. this cream is made for dry or sensitive faces and wouldn't you know it, i have both. immediately after you apply it, your face looks greasy. then you blink and it is gone. it really is fascinating to me. it smells so good too. it is my favorite Lush product.
as you can see i am a HUGE Lush fan. but i am always on the look out for new organic products to try. let me know what works for you and what products you suggest in the comments below or tweet me @lifeinmascara.       

Friday, November 21, 2014

Women Getting Things Done: Mindy Kaling

i first heard of Mindy Kaling when she began to appear on The Office. her character was hilarious and Kalings' acting was the best interpretation of this off the wall character. it wasn't until years later that i began to notice that she was also a writer and a producer on the show. i thought 'wow. multitasker here!' and was also quite amused that she was pushing those boundaries.

i recently picked up her book and plowed through it. i was so inspired by her story. i loved that she shared it all. her upbringing, her college experience, her struggles afterward, and her route to success. while i was reading the chapter about the roach infested apartment she shared with her girlfriends after college, i too was living in a roach motel and kept telling myself 'if she did it, you can too!' and tried to ignore the fact that i was at least 10 years older than Kaling at that time.

to me Kalings' humor resembles David Sedaris, who is my all time favorite author. queen of sarcasm, Kaling is one of those women who is downright real. she doesn't pretend. she just is. she makes references to her ethnicity and the stereotypes and actualities that come with it. something i can definitely relate to. being a woman isn't easy, and we are downright cheated at times in the corporate world. it is so refreshing to see Kalings' journey and feel that one day i can make this journey as well. and yes in my dreams, Kaling and i are friends. no it's not creepy. just go and buy this book. thank me later. here, i made it easy for you. click here.    

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

i am a massive YouTube junkie and let's face it, i am counting down those 5 seconds until i can click on the 'skip ads' feature. the other day, however, i came across this add by Pantene and somehow stayed listening to it. well done Pantene, well done. i was first drawn by the beautiful and stylish women coming across my screen and yes i did think 'oh cute skirt' but then i really started to listen to the message and i heard it loud and clear. it hit home, and while i speak only for me, i too learned how to say 'sorry' for everything. i was sorry he had a bad day and that was why he was taking it out on me. i was sorry he didn't like my tone of voice so i learned to stay quiet. i was sorry he didn't like my social circle, so they were gone. and while Pantene didn't mean it in that sense, i realized it was something that i still carried on today. it is the misuse of this word that i realized could possibly make me look weaker and submissive and i am done with that. i left that behind the moment i left. 

the commentary surrounding this video was swayed both ways but whether you are a man or a woman, you can't honestly tell me that in today's society we are viewed as equals. even though Pantene made this video to call attention to a different aspect, it spoke to me and to what i needed to hear, what i needed to realize, and what i needed to address.

*it goes without saying that this is not a sponsored post. please, the giants at Pantene don't even know i exist. i am not that cool.*

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ulta Haul

i like to go shopping as much as the next girl and had been saving my pretty pennies to buy some new makeup goodies to update my fall routine. i knew i wanted to replace my Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse which is the absolute perfect color match to my skin. it leaves your skin looking flawless and not cakey. it is definitely more of a medium to full coverage foundation but your skin doesn't look over made. i was down to the absolute bottom of mine and wanted to try out another foundation. i prefer a medium coverage and am actually a big fan of powder foundations. i had heard such great things about Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation that i went in to get color matched. now i must say i have never had anymore color match me perfectly and this time was no exception. the lady tried on two different shades and told me i had pink undertones. i told her no i have yellow undertones. i have a lot of redness in my face so if you put pink on it, i turn orange. of course she knew best and i walked out of there looking like a Umpa Lumpa rather than 'jaundiced' as she said i would with a different color. regardless, i bought the shade i thought was best for me.

they were running a promo on Maybelline products, buy one get another 50% off, and i was so pleased to finally find the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer (wwhhheeewww say that 3 times fast!). all my drug stores are always sold out of this so clearly there must be something behind this cult classic. and let me tell you there is. a little goes a long way here. and it is yellow based and not pink based! can you hear the chorus of angels singing people? it does not crease. it blends effortlessly and has great coverage. 

i then picked up Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in the color Midnight. it is a great navy shade and lasts all day without flaking. the only problem i am having is with the tip. it seems rather dry and perfecting that 'flick' is a bit hard right now. i suspect it is only because it is new and the product needs to travel downwards.

to continue with my new found obsession of The Body Shop, i picked up this gift set for $6, actual price is $10 but i had a coupon. i couldn't resit this cute little pot of balm and the hand cream is the perfect size for my purse.

as of late i have been leaning towards more berry and rose colors than my normal red shades. i picked up this Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick which delivers a sheer glossy hint of berry to the lips. i found the perfect lip liner for it in Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Enchantment. i like to line my lips and fill them in a bit towards the center of my lips and then blend it with my finger. then i apply Jean Queen over it and it is now my absolute favorite combo. now if i want it a bit more glossy, a quick swipe of NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait will do the trick. 

let me know what your favorite beauty product is for fall. comment below or tweet me @lifeinmascara.

Friday, November 14, 2014

David Sedaris Live in San Antonio

this weekend i was given a wonderful gift by boyfriend, tickets to see my favorite author David Sedaris. if you are not familiar with his work, you need to come out from the rock which you have been living under and run to get his books. all of them. i can't pick a favorite because they are all equally just freaking awesome. he writes about his travels with his husband, Hugh, and life with his family. i basically feel like i know them all personally and incorporate them into my conversations on a first name basis.

i first started reading his books about 5 years ago. i would read them during lunch in my car. he is the kind of author who evokes that gut wrenching laughter out of you that rivals the mating call of a goose. many times i looked up and noticed people walking by or in the car next to me staring. at which point i would lift up my book, point at it, and mouth the words 'so good' at them. they would then walk or drive off. 

if you follow me on twitter (@lifeinmascara) you will know that i had surgery on my right toe on Wednesday and it has been beyond painful. so painful in fact that it should win an award of you ultra freaking suck. walking has been so difficult and tiring. boyfriend even splurged for valet parking for me. i have never been more thankful. 

now i wouldn't say i am vein, but i like to look presentable when i go out, especially when i am going out to an event where i know the artful and cultured crowd will be. yes, i have been accused of overdressing at times, but it is my clothes. i pay for them. i choose how i want to dress. thanks. so off i go in my nice navy blue dress, with my new foundation (Ulta haul coming soon), and my flip flops. good Lord! but they are the only thing i can wear that doesn't hurt my toe.

being there and seeing him read live to me (well the entire auditorium but whatever) was so surreal. the way he writes, it is just so wrong, it is just so right. it is all the taboo things we are taught not to think, least say out loud. he thinks it. he writes it. he publishes it. we flock to it. we pay money to read it. i have never been to any event by myself and i must say it was rather liberating. i laughed like a dying hyena and i had no care in the world to embarrass anyone i was with because the people next to me were strangers never to be seen again. 

i limped out of there still laughing at his reading and walked over to the valet man and handed him my ticket. he apparently felt the need to make small talk with me as they brought my car. he then asks about my toe and was quick to judge 'oh, you have an ingrown toenail?'. i really wanted to tell him it wasn't my fault. that i bathe on a regular basis. that i am clean. you know there i was in my nice clothes, my nice purse, pretending to be this high class cultured woman, fancy if you will, at least for a few hours to feel better about my disgusting toe and this guy was calling my bluff. thankfully my car pulled up. with an air of dignity i stretched out my giraffe like neck, hiked up my dress as though it were a ball gown and not tea length at best, and limped towards my car. and that's when i saw it. the swifter. yes ladies and gentleman, during my move over 3 weeks ago i threw in my swifter in my back seat as an after thought and there it still way in all its green glory. i limped faster and took over my car. quickly i put it into drive only to realize i needed to do a u-turn in front of them and drive back towards the freeway. the swifter and i made it home. the swifter is still in my car. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sugar Paper Planner and DIY

you guys have been hearing me go on and on about the Sugar Paper for Target line that came out October 28 since i started blogging again. and let me tell you once i heard that some stores had an early release it was on. i am not ashamed to say that i drove around one weekend until i finally got my greedy hands on them. and that moment ladies and gentlemen, was glorious. i felt like no one around could appreciate it and i just wanted to lift them up to the skies. instead, i grabbed about 6 of them and walked behind boyfriend as i meticulously looked through each one and explained to him why this one worked and why this one didn't. great man that he is he gave me occasional 'ahs' and 'i see'. it was enough for me.

then it came down to choosing. after writhing from the pain of having to choose just one i had an epiphany. 'choose two mayra' i heard a voice say(it was me saying it aloud but still). so i did. i decided to get one planner that i would use for my life and another for the blog. currently i am using the same one but run out of space all the time. once i came to grips with myself over this, life was easier and i felt as though i needed a reward in the form of a Starbucks for having come to this realization all on my own.

i decided to go with the beautiful large one with the kraft cover and gold details for my blog. the smaller navy blue one will be my everyday one and is a good size to fit in my purse. plus it has my two favorite colors, white and navy, left over from a lifetime of Catholic school.

Sugar Paper really hit it out of the park this year by adding month divider tabs. such a small detail makes a world of a difference.

since i like everything matchy matchy, i thought it would fun to have a little notebook in which i could sketch out layouts or quick notes for future blog posts. as luck would have it, i scored this little notepad at my trusty Dollar Tree that had the same cover as my planner. inspired by the cute cover page, i took my gold sharpie and got to work. here is the finished product. what do you think?

i love the way it came out. simple but cute. if you are in need of a planner i highly recommend these. but run to Target right now since they are flying off the shelves. run! go! go! go! and then tag me @lifeinmascara and let me know which one you got!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Haul: The Body Shop

on my continuous quest for clear skin i have been dying to try The Body Shop products. they are not overly pricey but can quickly add up and i just couldn't bring myself to commit. then something wonderful happened. enter Groupon. they were currently running a promotion in my city for buy $25 get $50. i clicked purchase now so quickly i am surprised i didn't dislocate my thumb. armed with my Groupon in hand i went over to this mystical store where i was greated by their in store promotion of buy 3 get 3. it. was. on.

their camomile line is what i was most excited over since i have heard rave reviews all over the internets about how amazing and gentle it is and how it really removes all of your makeup.

Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover- this cleanser gently melts away eye make-up while while conditioning the eyelashes and eye area. it also said it was safe for contact lens wearers. sold!

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter- if the word 'sumptuous' wasn't enough for you this product melts away your entire face makeup. this can also be used on the eyes and works with waterproof eye make-up. you can remove it with a washcloth or rinse it off.

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil- this oil is designed to melt away all of your make-up including eye make-up and waterproof based. it rinses off cleanly leaving no traces of make-up behind and leaving your face soft and refreshed.

now i realize all of these products are similar but i prefer to look at them as different versions of themselves.

i also picked up these lovelies from their body line:

as i have mentioned before i have crazy dry skin. i wanted to get a leg up on the colder months because i do not want a repeat of last year's dry cracked skin. it was so bad i would wake up and apparently be scratching my legs at night until i would make them bleed. it took forever to heal.

i chose the Wild Argan Oil collection because it is made with community fair trade products from Morocco and is deeply hydrating.

Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel- this product is soap free which guarantees to not dry your skin out.

Wild Argan Oil Body Butter- 24 hours of hydration guys! it skins into the skin quickly and is not greasy.

Wild Argan Oil The Radiant Oil for Body and Hair- multiuse product that leaves your skin feeling like satin and your hair soft and shiny. you apply to dry skin and either damp or dry hair.

let me know what other Body Shop products you swear by in the comments below. i can't wait to try them all out!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Slip Into These

this summer i had the pleasure of finding these bad boys on clearance for a whopping $10 at The Gap:

they are a delight on my feet but the color is very spring/summer. i would be content to continue to wear them all year long but i think i need something a little darker for fall/winter. sidenote, i live in Texas. while the rest of the nation is enjoying fall like climate i am enjoying 90+ degree weather. so while i live vicariously through Pinterest and Instagram, i though i would incorporate a few pieces that will work for me in the area where i live seeing as how chunky knits, thick scarves, and wool coats will not. so of course, i went for the shoes to replace these. enter in these bad boys:

can you feel the weather around you cooling down as you look at these? no? maybe it's this ice cold drink i am guzzling down as i tan while inside my office via the suns ray entering through my window. These Target beauties are a steal at $24.99 as opposed to their multiple designer versions ranging from Givenchy to Sam Edelman. The pony hair slip ons from Forever 21 are $39.90. which would you choose? both? i like how you think dear reader. i like how you think!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Phone Call

i now see the light around me
i am kind of a nosy person. i don't necessarily mean to but i have the hearing quality of a K9. at restaurants, i can't tune out other peoples conversations. same goes for the store. if you are on the phone, i am sorry. i am also a part of your conversation. 

the other day i went into my fave store Marshalls when i came upon a lady around the beauty section on the phone. she was attempting to console her friend who she acknowledged was very upset and had never heard her that way. long story short this woman was telling her friend that "he does not have a right to treat you that way; it is in his best interest to stay with you because if not he has to pay you child support for all the kids; you need to tell him it's not right that both of you work all day and then you still have to come home and make dinner and take care of the kids even after he goes to bed". on and on she went describing the horrible things this man was doing to her friend and then she went on to tell her to speak up or else she would stop loving him. it was all i could do to not high jack that phone and tell that poor woman on the line to get out and get out now. no he won't change. yes you will be OK. no you do not need him. granted i do not know the whole story but it irritated me that the best piece of advice she had to tell her friend was for her to do something or the love would end. it didn't seem to me that the safety for her friends life or that of the kids was a thought to her. more like it is the cross we woman have to bear so find a way to cope. 

i never reached out. i never asked for help. i did it myself. once i was out i had to finally accept that i needed someone to help me. by then i was just so tired, so worn out, i just wanted what ever was going to be the fastest solution to end it all. i can't express enough how much i regret having stayed for so long. i still have flashbacks once in a while, certain things will trigger them. and then sometimes i have an 'aha moment' and realize oh that was wrong wasn't it? needless to say this is my story, but i know i am not alone in this.

here are a few places you can reach out and ask for help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!:

United Way
Joyful Heart Foundation
The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Family Violence Prevention Services
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

there are many other places out there and also region and city specific. churches are great resources as well. help is only a click or a phone call away.

and if you are the friend receiving the phone call, stop and realize it took the world for her to reach out to you. make sure your advice is something that will honestly be beneficial to your friend. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pamper Day

i love me a spa day like a fat kid loves cake. that being said, i can't afford spa days on a regular basis. well really like never unless i save up for it or i Groupon it. being at a spa just instantly makes me relax and feel confident that when i come out of there i am going to look radiant and just down right hot. in order to replicate that feeling at home, i like to take a day here and there to give myself a pamper day.

i have been using this Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque for over 10 years now (that was a sharp pain through the heart since i was in college when i started using it). at around $3.99 you really can't beat it. plus i find that it does not aggravate my overly sensitive skin. now you can use this all over the face, which i do on pamper days, or as a spot treatment. it is made for acne prone skin, but again with out causing irritation. really works well on clearing up blackheads too. i like to put this on and go about my business for about 15 minutes or so around the house. then i pop into the shower and rinse it off with some warm water.

at this point i move onto my hair. i have very dry skin and my scalp is no exception. i use Design Line Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner as well as their leave in conditioner and hair masque. now the hair masque i only use about once every two weeks or so and obviously on pamper days. i like to take a generous amount and slather it all over my hair. i also take some and press it directly along my hairline and into my scalp. i like to leave it in as long as i can so i will shave my legs and wash my body and ponder the meaning of life during this time. right before i come out of the shower, i polish off my body with either some baby oil or LUSH King of Skin. once i am out of the shower i douse my hair with the leave in conditioner and gently brush from the tips upward to help avoid breakage. 

on my body i like to use baby lotion because it is gentle enough for me to use on a daily basis and i love the scent. once i apply all my face products and change into some clothes, i like to move onto my hands and feet. 

my feet are a sensitive issue. i get ingrown toe nails (yes yuck) left over from years of dance when i was younger and now from running. i am currently nursing a hurt big toe from a pedicure gone wrong when they cut my nails so all i can say is do what is best for your toes. i slather my feet in this cream and since it is shea based, it does wonders for my dry heels. i then polish them if they are due for some lovin. 

on my hands i like to attend to any cuticle and dry skin issue happening there and then i file my nails. i like to apply Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat first before two coats of polish. it makes my polish last forever and is a wonder under glitter polish. it literally makes the glitter polish peel off in one strip. no glitter mess left behind. i then finish off my manicure with a coat of ORLY Tough Cookie nail treatment. it helps my thin brittle nails grow. finally, i like to put some LUSH Charity Pot Cream  on my hands to moisturize them.

now that i am glowing like a disco ball from all my lotions and potions, i like to sit back and relax with a cup of tea. usually this may lead to a nap, i am not going to lie. what is your favorite pamper product? also, if you have a recommendation for a scalp treatment, let me know in the comments below.