Life in Mascara: Morning Skincare Routine

Monday, November 24, 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

recently, i have become more aware of my skin. mainly it was because i turned 30 and i was waiting for gravity to take its toll the next day. i have crazy sensitive skin and have always battled with acne to top it off. up until that point, i had never been able to successfully wear lotion on my face because i would break out. i knew if i didn't find something that worked for me, i would end up looking like a shriveled prune by the time i reached 40 (gasp!). 

after trying different things and them not working i finally found what works for me. i cleanse my face with Lush Ultrabland. this is a beeswax based makeup remover and all purpose cleaner. i don't use it to remove my makeup, only to cleanse it. it was so weird for me to use a paste and not see any suds. it left my skin so soft and not dry which i associated with it being clean. it took some getting used to but i now love it. 

next step is beauty oil. i was told that the reason i had these hard pimples under my skin that wouldn't come to a head was because my skin needed moisture. in the morning i use this rose oil that i have previously mentioned (i use a different one at night). i use 5 pumps and i slather that all over my neck, front and back, my chest, and my boobies (they need to be moisturized too). what is left on my hands i press onto my face. it absorbs so quickly with no greasy mess. it also leaves a satin-like texture on my face. 

then i go for a few sprits of Tea Tree Water Toner which is a clearing toner for oily and spotty skin. if i have some spots on my skin i dab a bit of Grease Lightning on them. this stuff is ridiculously awesome. clears away acne for me literally in a day. its gentle enough to use on a daily basis and does not cause redness. so again, i only use when needed. perfectly ok to skip it.

now the eyes. the gateways to the soul. i put a generous amount of Enchanted Eye Cream under my eyes and on my eyelids. it helps with dark circles and tighten fine lines with lavender and honey. which is great because i have this wrinkle on my left eye that makes perfecting my eyeliner flick a nightmare. #beautyproblems

finally i go in with a dab of Celestial. a little goes a long way here. this cream is made for dry or sensitive faces and wouldn't you know it, i have both. immediately after you apply it, your face looks greasy. then you blink and it is gone. it really is fascinating to me. it smells so good too. it is my favorite Lush product.
as you can see i am a HUGE Lush fan. but i am always on the look out for new organic products to try. let me know what works for you and what products you suggest in the comments below or tweet me @lifeinmascara.       

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