Life in Mascara: Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

i am a massive YouTube junkie and let's face it, i am counting down those 5 seconds until i can click on the 'skip ads' feature. the other day, however, i came across this add by Pantene and somehow stayed listening to it. well done Pantene, well done. i was first drawn by the beautiful and stylish women coming across my screen and yes i did think 'oh cute skirt' but then i really started to listen to the message and i heard it loud and clear. it hit home, and while i speak only for me, i too learned how to say 'sorry' for everything. i was sorry he had a bad day and that was why he was taking it out on me. i was sorry he didn't like my tone of voice so i learned to stay quiet. i was sorry he didn't like my social circle, so they were gone. and while Pantene didn't mean it in that sense, i realized it was something that i still carried on today. it is the misuse of this word that i realized could possibly make me look weaker and submissive and i am done with that. i left that behind the moment i left. 

the commentary surrounding this video was swayed both ways but whether you are a man or a woman, you can't honestly tell me that in today's society we are viewed as equals. even though Pantene made this video to call attention to a different aspect, it spoke to me and to what i needed to hear, what i needed to realize, and what i needed to address.

*it goes without saying that this is not a sponsored post. please, the giants at Pantene don't even know i exist. i am not that cool.*

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