Life in Mascara: Pamper Day

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pamper Day

i love me a spa day like a fat kid loves cake. that being said, i can't afford spa days on a regular basis. well really like never unless i save up for it or i Groupon it. being at a spa just instantly makes me relax and feel confident that when i come out of there i am going to look radiant and just down right hot. in order to replicate that feeling at home, i like to take a day here and there to give myself a pamper day.

i have been using this Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque for over 10 years now (that was a sharp pain through the heart since i was in college when i started using it). at around $3.99 you really can't beat it. plus i find that it does not aggravate my overly sensitive skin. now you can use this all over the face, which i do on pamper days, or as a spot treatment. it is made for acne prone skin, but again with out causing irritation. really works well on clearing up blackheads too. i like to put this on and go about my business for about 15 minutes or so around the house. then i pop into the shower and rinse it off with some warm water.

at this point i move onto my hair. i have very dry skin and my scalp is no exception. i use Design Line Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner as well as their leave in conditioner and hair masque. now the hair masque i only use about once every two weeks or so and obviously on pamper days. i like to take a generous amount and slather it all over my hair. i also take some and press it directly along my hairline and into my scalp. i like to leave it in as long as i can so i will shave my legs and wash my body and ponder the meaning of life during this time. right before i come out of the shower, i polish off my body with either some baby oil or LUSH King of Skin. once i am out of the shower i douse my hair with the leave in conditioner and gently brush from the tips upward to help avoid breakage. 

on my body i like to use baby lotion because it is gentle enough for me to use on a daily basis and i love the scent. once i apply all my face products and change into some clothes, i like to move onto my hands and feet. 

my feet are a sensitive issue. i get ingrown toe nails (yes yuck) left over from years of dance when i was younger and now from running. i am currently nursing a hurt big toe from a pedicure gone wrong when they cut my nails so all i can say is do what is best for your toes. i slather my feet in this cream and since it is shea based, it does wonders for my dry heels. i then polish them if they are due for some lovin. 

on my hands i like to attend to any cuticle and dry skin issue happening there and then i file my nails. i like to apply Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat first before two coats of polish. it makes my polish last forever and is a wonder under glitter polish. it literally makes the glitter polish peel off in one strip. no glitter mess left behind. i then finish off my manicure with a coat of ORLY Tough Cookie nail treatment. it helps my thin brittle nails grow. finally, i like to put some LUSH Charity Pot Cream  on my hands to moisturize them.

now that i am glowing like a disco ball from all my lotions and potions, i like to sit back and relax with a cup of tea. usually this may lead to a nap, i am not going to lie. what is your favorite pamper product? also, if you have a recommendation for a scalp treatment, let me know in the comments below. 

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