Life in Mascara: Sugar Paper Planner and DIY

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sugar Paper Planner and DIY

you guys have been hearing me go on and on about the Sugar Paper for Target line that came out October 28 since i started blogging again. and let me tell you once i heard that some stores had an early release it was on. i am not ashamed to say that i drove around one weekend until i finally got my greedy hands on them. and that moment ladies and gentlemen, was glorious. i felt like no one around could appreciate it and i just wanted to lift them up to the skies. instead, i grabbed about 6 of them and walked behind boyfriend as i meticulously looked through each one and explained to him why this one worked and why this one didn't. great man that he is he gave me occasional 'ahs' and 'i see'. it was enough for me.

then it came down to choosing. after writhing from the pain of having to choose just one i had an epiphany. 'choose two mayra' i heard a voice say(it was me saying it aloud but still). so i did. i decided to get one planner that i would use for my life and another for the blog. currently i am using the same one but run out of space all the time. once i came to grips with myself over this, life was easier and i felt as though i needed a reward in the form of a Starbucks for having come to this realization all on my own.

i decided to go with the beautiful large one with the kraft cover and gold details for my blog. the smaller navy blue one will be my everyday one and is a good size to fit in my purse. plus it has my two favorite colors, white and navy, left over from a lifetime of Catholic school.

Sugar Paper really hit it out of the park this year by adding month divider tabs. such a small detail makes a world of a difference.

since i like everything matchy matchy, i thought it would fun to have a little notebook in which i could sketch out layouts or quick notes for future blog posts. as luck would have it, i scored this little notepad at my trusty Dollar Tree that had the same cover as my planner. inspired by the cute cover page, i took my gold sharpie and got to work. here is the finished product. what do you think?

i love the way it came out. simple but cute. if you are in need of a planner i highly recommend these. but run to Target right now since they are flying off the shelves. run! go! go! go! and then tag me @lifeinmascara and let me know which one you got!

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