Life in Mascara: The Phone Call

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Phone Call

i now see the light around me
i am kind of a nosy person. i don't necessarily mean to but i have the hearing quality of a K9. at restaurants, i can't tune out other peoples conversations. same goes for the store. if you are on the phone, i am sorry. i am also a part of your conversation. 

the other day i went into my fave store Marshalls when i came upon a lady around the beauty section on the phone. she was attempting to console her friend who she acknowledged was very upset and had never heard her that way. long story short this woman was telling her friend that "he does not have a right to treat you that way; it is in his best interest to stay with you because if not he has to pay you child support for all the kids; you need to tell him it's not right that both of you work all day and then you still have to come home and make dinner and take care of the kids even after he goes to bed". on and on she went describing the horrible things this man was doing to her friend and then she went on to tell her to speak up or else she would stop loving him. it was all i could do to not high jack that phone and tell that poor woman on the line to get out and get out now. no he won't change. yes you will be OK. no you do not need him. granted i do not know the whole story but it irritated me that the best piece of advice she had to tell her friend was for her to do something or the love would end. it didn't seem to me that the safety for her friends life or that of the kids was a thought to her. more like it is the cross we woman have to bear so find a way to cope. 

i never reached out. i never asked for help. i did it myself. once i was out i had to finally accept that i needed someone to help me. by then i was just so tired, so worn out, i just wanted what ever was going to be the fastest solution to end it all. i can't express enough how much i regret having stayed for so long. i still have flashbacks once in a while, certain things will trigger them. and then sometimes i have an 'aha moment' and realize oh that was wrong wasn't it? needless to say this is my story, but i know i am not alone in this.

here are a few places you can reach out and ask for help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!:

United Way
Joyful Heart Foundation
The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Family Violence Prevention Services
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

there are many other places out there and also region and city specific. churches are great resources as well. help is only a click or a phone call away.

and if you are the friend receiving the phone call, stop and realize it took the world for her to reach out to you. make sure your advice is something that will honestly be beneficial to your friend. 

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