Life in Mascara: Women Getting Things Done: Mindy Kaling

Friday, November 21, 2014

Women Getting Things Done: Mindy Kaling

i first heard of Mindy Kaling when she began to appear on The Office. her character was hilarious and Kalings' acting was the best interpretation of this off the wall character. it wasn't until years later that i began to notice that she was also a writer and a producer on the show. i thought 'wow. multitasker here!' and was also quite amused that she was pushing those boundaries.

i recently picked up her book and plowed through it. i was so inspired by her story. i loved that she shared it all. her upbringing, her college experience, her struggles afterward, and her route to success. while i was reading the chapter about the roach infested apartment she shared with her girlfriends after college, i too was living in a roach motel and kept telling myself 'if she did it, you can too!' and tried to ignore the fact that i was at least 10 years older than Kaling at that time.

to me Kalings' humor resembles David Sedaris, who is my all time favorite author. queen of sarcasm, Kaling is one of those women who is downright real. she doesn't pretend. she just is. she makes references to her ethnicity and the stereotypes and actualities that come with it. something i can definitely relate to. being a woman isn't easy, and we are downright cheated at times in the corporate world. it is so refreshing to see Kalings' journey and feel that one day i can make this journey as well. and yes in my dreams, Kaling and i are friends. no it's not creepy. just go and buy this book. thank me later. here, i made it easy for you. click here.    

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