Life in Mascara: Birchbox for Men

Friday, December 12, 2014

Birchbox for Men

husband (wow that was a change) washes his face with his body wash. notice i said body wash and not body soap and trust me that took forever to get him to change. i have tried so very hard to get him to use actual face products on that handsome face that i adore but nothing seems to really stick. he just forgets. i kept thinking maybe if he became excited about his skincare then he would remember to use it. but there is no excitement in it for him. 

ok, i thought. maybe if i get him some for Christmas he can slowly start to incorporate it into his routine. i started researching things and a side advertisement popped up for Birchbox for Men. first of all, i had no idea that they even made these beauty boxes for men. i thought it was just for women. i instantly got excited for it and thought who doesn't like to get packages in the mail? once i really started to look into it, i saw that he would not only get beauty products but other fun things like socks and earphones as well. they are obviously all different but still! i really wanted to get some personal feedback on it and reached out to my male friends to see if anyone had used it. here is what one of my besties had to say:

"I initially learned about Birchbox from one of my girlfriends who had this tiny package delivered to her apartment each month. The parcel consisted of a small box filled with awesome samples of skincare products, makeup and perfume.

Intrigued by the monthly surprise, I inquired if there was a male version available; and to my amazement, there was!

Upon signing up, you have the option to fill out a brief questionnaire to gauge your interests. Based on your responses, Birchbox will tailor a box for you.

I tend to think of myself as a trendy (yet nerdy), on-the-go, kinda guy; so my box is usually filled with awesome new products that I absolutely love!

Men receive four sample-sized items and one full-sized item.

Some of the items I’ve received include new socks, an iPhone charger, whiskey stones, t-shirts, boxer briefs, a candle and a variety of great samples of cologne, shampoo, skincare products and more!

Cost: $20 a month for the men’s box, $10 for women’s box.

Why the cost difference? Men get an awesome full-sized item each month. Sorry ladies!"

so with that in mind, i think this would make an excellent gift not just for the man in your life, but for your brother, father, or male bestie too. you can actually gift it to someone during the holidays as well. i think i might just give it a go...and maybe get one for me too? happy shopping!

*guys this is not a sponsored post. this is all my opinion and that of my friend. we received nothing from Birchbox. they do not know i even exist. i am not that cool. 


  1. I think it's cool to get your husband some beauty stuff, make him love his face haha! I didnt realise there was a mens beauty box, this is so cool & it looks packed full of interesting goodies as well x

    1. Yes I agree Leanne! Lol! I have had many people tell me they didn't know about men Birchbox either. Hope it get some men interested.