Life in Mascara: ~Giveaway Time~

Monday, December 8, 2014

~Giveaway Time~

you guys all heard me ramble on and on through every social media outlet i operate about the Sugar Paper for Target planners. i love them so much and just overall believe in their brand that i picked up an extra one to gift to one of you lovely readers! all you need to do is subscribe to this blog and my Twitter @lifeinmascara and comment or tweet me your favorite holiday tradition. as you all know i just recently got married and am eager to start our own traditions. i will announce the winner on Friday, November 12 via Twitter so technically it will close on Thursday, November 11 at midnight. Can't wait to read all your comments and tweets! 

actually my love for this brand is so BIG, that i am hoping to be able to buy this wedding planner as i start to plan our church wedding. we chose to do two separate events to save up for our wedding and be able to pay for everything upfront and not incur debt. therefore, the penny saving fund for this planner has begun! 

*this is not a sponsored post by Sugar Paper. i bought this planner with my own money because i believe in this company. the peeps down at Sugar Paper do not even know i exist. i am not that cool. 

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