Life in Mascara: #housetohome

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


when husband first purchased this house about 3 years ago, it really needed some tender loving care. and a sledgehammer. and some paint. and a vacuum. surely you get the picture. but he has worked tirelessly to transform this house into a home. walls have been knocked out, walls have been put in. even the kitchen cabinets were hand made by his father. so much love has gone into this that i thought i would share with you the on-going process. 

now that i have moved in i have slowly started to incorporate some elements of decor into the house. for example, we finally have a bedspread (instead of one of those thick blankets with a giant rose on it). needless to say, this will be a process as rooms still need to be redone and walls still need to be painted. i thought that i would share with you the little things and the big things that will go into making a #housetohome. So follow along on Instagram and Twitter @lifeinmascara.

i found these great bottles and faux succulent planter at Michaels. all their fall seasonal items were on clearance for 80% off. the bottles came out to $1.80 and the planter was $4.00. now let's talk about the planter. i love me some succulents. i dislike intensely (we don't use the word hate in our house so the boys don't pick it up) fake plants. but this planter, oh this planter!!! game changer guys. i had to touch it to make sure it was fake. it was so life like i had to get it. i thought it would make a great addition to the house. 

we have no real decor going on right now but i thought these little things were a great way to start. i will share more of the process as projects get made. stay tuned to #housetohome.  


  1. Love all the improvements you both have done. It looks fabulous! I hope to see before and afters in your blog sometime. ;)

    1. Thank you! Hope so soon post a room make over.