Life in Mascara: Running a Half Marathon

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Running a Half Marathon

this weekend i had the great experience of participating in another half marathon by Rock n Roll Marathon Series. i believe this is my 9th half marathon. honestly i have lost track. i have been running for about 3 years now but have only been participating in runs for 2 years. i started out by just walking around my neighborhood and adding a block to my routine after so many days. it was hard at first but walking at a fast pace really built up my endurance and till this day i can walk for hours without stopping.

the course took us all throughout downtown San Antonio which is beautiful. i haven't fully healed from my toe surgery so i couldn't really run. i was able to jog for a bit here and there and it felt wonderful to feel my body pick up where it left off. i didn't realize how much i missed it.

my runs normally go like this:
3 miles- fat sausage fingers appear
6 miles- getting pretty hungry
10 miles- things start getting a bit hairy. i get hangry and slightly violent.
11 miles- the anger has subsided. i am almost done.
12 miles- the longest mile of my life. may as well be its own 5k.
13.1 finish line- exhausted and crying and screeching 'can't wait to do this again!' as my running partner bestie and i hug.

i clearly don't take myself or my running seriously. i don't run to win. i run because i can and one day i won't be able to. i am blessed to have a great friend who is willing and crazy enough to do any run with me. she is petite and i clearly am not and we run at the same pace. after all, slow and steady wins the race. it is such a humbling experience to see runners pass you up in wheelchairs, full leg prosthetic's, or 'i survived cancer' shirts. they should pass me up. the road is theirs. my favorite is when little kids rush by me. God speed little one! 

finishing a half marathon is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. i highly recommend any one to do it. men or woman. run or walk. who cares? at least you are out there doing it. trust me, you will never be the same after you complete one. 

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