Life in Mascara: January 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Women Getting Things Done: Lara Casey

i have been following this woman on Instagram for a while now. i can't tell you what immediately drew me to her but she had cute pictures i liked to scroll through. i guess randomly i began to actually read her captions under her pictures. what a concept right? soon i knew her name, Lara Casey, and looked forward to reading her captions. i began to read her blog and saw that she was coming out with a book, Make It Happen. i took to her, which if you know me you will know i am not drawn to someone who is very religious because my experiences have been they try and shove religion down my throat and i immediately shut down. as i have mentioned before, i am Catholic, i have a lot of faith, and God goes before me. however, after more than 12 years of Catholic school, i have religious tolerance and do not feel the need to 'push' my beliefs on anyone. but Lara, she is so full of love for God and faith, that she carries it in a different way. she talks about what God is for her, for her life, for her marriage. i don't get the sense from her that she is telling me 'this is how you need to be in your relationship with God or you will be doomed'. not at all! i guess i saw more of my personal life mirrored in her own personal life that i decided to take the journey of her book with her. and i am glad i did.

i do not want to give a lot away but i do want to tell you about Chapter 3. it was Martin Luther King weekend and i had made plans with some girlfriends. as things happen, they fell apart and i was left feeling disappointed and lonely as i often do when this happens. mainly it is because i do not have any family here and i know if my mom or my sister were here, my car would be loaded in a second and off we would go to have life adventures. another is because it is very hard to plan things with my husband because of our schedules and our boys are still very young. it just makes things a little tricky and requires extensive planning on my part. anyways that night i went to bed restless and cranky. i thought 'ok let go and let God and get praying'. somehow a prayer came into my mind and i went with it. but when i realized what i was praying, i instantly lost the words as i had not properly said this prayer on a daily basis since senior year in high school. that was 2001 (yikes!). i figured i would Google the words the next day and actually say it properly but i forgot.

i came home and was prepared to hunker down with my Nook and watch YouTube but the stream began to buffer. annoyed, i loaded it on my phone and it did the same thing. guys, my phone never buffers. i thought fine, i'll read. in this particular chapter she asks you to identify the lies you have been telling yourself and then identify the overall feeling of it and to write it down. then she had me look up this topic and see what the Bible had to say about it. the feeling/topic i had identified was 'loneliness'. i loaded the Bible website (go figure my Nook was suddenly cured) and hit the search button under loneliness. it came back with a list of Bible verses but the one that my eye saw when i looked down was the same prayer that had come into my head the day before. Psalm 23. i closed my eyes. i got chills. i thought 'Lord, you were with me last night. You are with me today. You even went as far as to break my internet to get me to listen to you!'. i was not and am not alone! i began to wonder how many times has He tried to talk to me and i was too busy, too angry, too self-absorbed to listen? i went back to my book and kept reading. a single paragraph later Lara tells me to go to her accompanying website and click on the Chapter 3 accompanying link and print out Psalm 23 for myself and share it with anyone i want to as well. coincidence? i think not!

i highly encourage you to pick up this book. it is really soul searching. i did all the writing prompts in a notebook because i want to read this book again years from now and see how much (hopefully) i have grown. she also has created PowerSheets, which are currently sold out, but nonetheless are a great source of inspiration and serves as a guideline on setting goals and actually accomplishing them (more on that later i promise). read her blog, listen to her podcast on The Jess Lively Show, and i promise you, you will want to read this book and Make Things Happen! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015


with Valentine's Day fast approaching, i wanted to bring up a type of love some of us struggle with: self love. i constantly struggle with self doubt, body image, and feelings of inadequateness. i think once you hear the words 'look at you, who would want to touch you' from someone who is supposed to be your partner it's not easy to come back from. through time, prayer, and a lot of hard work i have been able to surpass a lot of the negative chatter in my head but not all of it. i have been blessed to find husband who loves me for me and that goes miles in helping.

i realized just how much i neglected myself, my health, and how i use food to mask my feelings. i have had many medical issues since i was young. cysts, irregular bleeding, deficiencies, and being told that kids may not be in my future. many people gave me advice along the way 'eat grapes, eat liver, a blood transfusion will fix it'. um no. many misconceptions and wives tales. 

while i accepted all of this i did decide to be proactive about my body and i chose to be informed about my issues. when i saw this campaign #SmearForSmear and read what Jo's Trust was doing to creative awareness, i knew i wanted to be a part of it. going to the doctor is not fun. honestly, i feel vulnerable and awkward the moment those stirrups come out but i know i need to do this. if i want a future, if i want to do all those things on my buckets list, if i want to be there for my family getting my annual done is one thing i must do. i made my appointment already. love yourself enough to get checked.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


i had heard about Serial in countless posts via social media but i had no idea what it was. i never really bothered since i knew it had something to do with an iPod and to me they are the devil incarnate. i know i shouldn't fight technology, but seriously i was not given the gift of operating anything with an 'i' in front of it. and then husband came home with an iPod Touch. and then it was put in a drawer never to see the light of day until recently. i figured if we had one, we might as well use it. so i decided to look into this Serial phenomenon. 

i read the overview and i was hooked. i knew it was something husband would be interested in too so i promptly told him about it and suggested we get an iHome for our bedroom so we could lay in bed and listen to our podcast (new word added into my vocabulary thanks to Serial). husband had purchased a fancy new t.v. for us during Cyber Monday and he somehow was able to play Serial on it. so we hunkered down during the holiday break and marathon-ed it. it was good! we layed in our adult living room (the other one is for the kids and we walk by it with blinders on), husband in one sofa, me on the other and held hands...or feet...or simply layed knowing the other was right there. it was a bonding experience sans the talking. 

***spoiler alert*** when we reached the final episode, husband said he wasn't sure about the end because it didn't solve anything (or something along those lines). i thought about it and though it was true it was also never meant to be 'solved'. Sarah Koenig is not a detective, she is a reporter. and while she does do some digging, i never expected her to solve this 15 year old case and wrap it up in a bow for me. i went into it knowing that it was a reporting, a recounting of the facts, and i think you need to go into it thinking that way in order for you not to expect what will not happen.

since then, we have been telling everyone about this. we told our niece one morning and she said 'you listen to radio on the t.v.?' yes!!! we both told her how it was like in the old days when you would listed to shows by your radio. she simply replied 'you guys are old'.'s youth (closed eye smiling and head nodding). 

now i am hooked on podcasts and even went as far as to have husband download all 60 episodes of The Lively Show by Jess Lively. yes, i said husband did it for me kindly because i still cannot operate that machine. anyone else listen to this and is enamored with the fact that she refers to her husband as 'Mr. Lively'? what other podcasts are you listening to? recommend some below or tweet me @lifeinmascara

Monday, January 26, 2015

When to Toss

if you are a makeup lover like i am, chances are you boarder on hoarder tendencies. we all have that nail polish we refuse to throw out even though we haven't used it in years or that lipstick that has now been discontinued. but did you know you could actually be hurting your skin? all of these items breed bacteria and can cause breakouts or infections. so when do we keep them and when do we toss em? here...let me help.

Concealer- 2 years unless it is a liquid form. then it is 1 year.

Powder Foundation- 1.5 years.

Liquid Foundation- 6-12 months. Be very careful here. true signs of it's time to go is separation of the formula, unusual thickening, and change in scent. if this happens, do not pass go. do not collect $200!

Eye Shadow- 2 years. if it is in a cream or liquid formula, then it would be 6-12 months.

Liquid Eyeliner- 3-6 months.

Pencil Eyeliner- 1-2 years. make sure to sharpen well in between uses. if you see a color change or the tip of the product turns white, then show that bad boy the door!

Mascara- 3 months. this is for sure one to watch guys and you can give yourself wicked eye infections.

Bronzer- 2 years.

Blush- 2 years.

Cream or Powder Blush- 1 year.

Lip Liner- 1-2 years. same warning as the pencil eyeliner applies.

Lipstick- 2 years.

Lip Gloss- 1 year. oh when those go bad. they go B.A.D.

now let me finish this post by saying that i take anything that touches my eyes very seriously. i have had some very bad eye infections, many brought on by my allergies, but also old contacts. so when i come down with an eye irritation, my eye makeup gets thrown to the trash as do my contacts. as my doctor put it when i complained to him that my eyeliner was new and from MAC, "do you want to have eyes to put that eyeliner on?". i got the message loud and clear. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Smooth Lips

during the winter my lips get extra dry. while i protect them with these balms, sometimes they need to be exfoliated. some people use their toothbrush (husband) but this grosses me out. mainly because i find toothbrushes to be gross and germ infested and i change mine out monthly if not more. but i digress...i prefer to use a lip product that is intended for this since our lips are a very delicate area. plus chapped lips hurt!

i like to take a pea size amount of Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and rub it over my lips in a circular motion. it is rich in oils and is brown sugar based. smells amazing as well. 

i do this for about 30 seconds and concentrate mainly in the center of my lips which is where they get the most dry. i then take a wash cloth and run it over warm water and wipe the product away. my lips are left smooth and moisturized. i like to do this at night so i can then apply a heavy layer of lip balm and in the morning they are so soft and smooth. i also give this a go as step 1 prior to a matte lipstick.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How I Stay Organized

if you have been reading my blog for a bit, you will know how much i had been anticipating the release of Sugar Paper for Target. it is their second collaboration and it took all the guess work out for me in choosing my 2015 agenda. i normally start trolling the internet and shops around September to find the perfect planner. i look forward to it. stationary excites me! once i get it, i start carrying it around with me as i am a hard core planner and usually start planning next years events while ending the current year. here is what i do to stay organized:

pick your pens. this sounds silly to some but to me i look at it as art. i need to be inspired and look forward to writing in my planner. i have been using this set for the past two years. they are gorgeously pigmented and inky and have minimal transfer to the back of the page. i then select which will be my main color, my color for my runs or working out sessions (i sound hard core and legit don't i?), my color for anything pertaining to my husband and the boys, and finally a catch all color used for things like list making, planning meals, and websites i need to go back and check. yup i color coordinate the crap out of my planner. it is a hot mess and i love it!

post-its are crucial. i like to keep these super sticky Post-its around in various colors so when i randomly jot something down i can stick it in my planner and not worry about it flying away.

carry it everywhere. whether i stick it in my purse, or carry it in my work bag, i am never without my planner. i feel naked without it.

transfer it. i no longer get rid of my old planners (good for my anxiety) but i do transfer things from my old planner to my new one that i will need like birthdays, addresses, websites that come in handy, etc. 

write it all down. pretty self explanatory. whether it is a minuscule detail or a big task you are less likely to forget it you write it down. plus it can't hurt and you get the added bonus of cheap thrills by crossing off another item from your to do list.

what are some of your tips to keep things organized?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cleansing Oil

a few months ago i did a post on items i had purchased from The Body Shop. they have quickly become one of my favorite stores and favorite skin care items. but this one in particular really deserves 5 stars.

i am a full winged eyeliner and 3 coats of mascara kind of girl on a daily basis. go big eyes, or go home. i have relied heavily on the same makeup remover face wash since college and while i have no complaints over it and works well with my sensitive skin, it did nothing else for me. 

i was eager to try this and knew i would know with one wash if it was a keeper because really all that mascara takes werk! i did one pump and started massaging it onto my cheeks. my bronzer, blush, and foundation started to melt and my skin became evident rather quickly. it was an interesting sensation to be slathering oil over my face. think olive oil on chicken before the oven. but at the same time there was something rather satisfying about it. the scent is not too overpowering and its clean and refreshing. i took a second pump and really put this cleansing oil to the test. i took it to my eyes. at first i didn't feel anything but i kept massaging my eyelashes. slowly i could feel the mascara thinning out. it didn't take long before i felt it gone. i opened my eyes since it states to be safe around the eyes and for contact wearers and i could see all the makeup slathered around my face in a controlled mess. i rinsed off my face and expected a greasy residue. but there was none! none at all! my skin was so soft and the scent lingered on my skin. my face felt clean and hydrated. almost like i had used lotion on my face already. it was love at first wash.

i have used this with light makeup days and very heavy makeup days and i have not been disappointed. i had my sister try it and she too purchased a bottle the very next day. i seriously can't get over the scent and have started a Twitter campaign of 1 asking The Body Shop to extend their Camomille line. imagine a body butter? swoon!

Camomille Silky Cleansing Oil $18

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Special Saturday: This Girl Can

i came across this video on Facebook from a friend who in the past year has transformed herself into the early stages of a body builder. she is curvy and beautiful. she has a butt, she has hips, and guys she is HOT! her curvacious fit body is a constant inspiration for me. this video is great. it features real women, with all types of bodies, getting out there and just having fun and working towards a goal. i hope it motivates and inspires some of you. i know for me it will serve as the jump start i needed to start my training again after coming off several injuries. follow them on Twitter @TheGirlCanUK and use the hashtag #thisgirlcan to share your fit pics. happy sweating!

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship With Physicians Formula

this is a very frustrating post for me to write. i have admired Physicians Formula for many years. their packaging is some of the cutest drugstore options out there. they are so unique and the products, they all look so luminous. the rich bronzers, the lustrious luminizers, the sparkly eyeshadows. uugghhh a dream! then i began to shell out on average $15 a piece which is very high for me on the drugstore scale. i took my goodies home and looked forward to the application process. it was a bronzer in a cute denimn pocket looking book. i applied it and stepped back to admire my sun kissed face. except i found the same pale girlfriend staring back at me. 'huh, let me reapply' i thought. i did. again. and again. and again. i had to really smash my brush in to get a lot of product on there and dab it on my face. 'there! i love it!' i thought. then an hour went by and as i walked by a mirror i vainly looked into it to admire my new bronzer. pale girlfriend was back. 

this story mirrors every product i have purchased from Physicans Formula. i have been suckered in by their cute packaging time and time again and i really want to love them but really the color payoff isn't there. that being said the products look cheap once applied to the face. i can't tell one product from the other! the highlighters are chunky and do not go on evenly. the cute concealer with the gold bow on it...well the bow broke in half the same day and the concealer was so pink it looked like i had blended Pepto under my eyes instead. 

will i be suckered into buying these products yet again? probably because they came out with an Argan Oil line that i am dying to try. i really do want to love them, but so far i have been far from impressed. why must you be so cute though!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trader Joe's Haul

i am not a full on organic person when it comes to my food. you can actually say that i am not at all except when it comes to my bananas. however, i have taken small steps to slowly incorporate organic items into our pantry, say when things run out, they get replaced by an organic version. i have made vast strides when it comes to my skincare and i have reaped the rewards. so when they opened a Trader Joe's just blocks from where i work i took the opportunity to go check out their beauty section as i had heard lots of good things about it. 

i haven't tried any of these products yet but i am most excited to try their sunscreen. i am so allergic to the regular over the counter ones that when i saw this one as i was walking away with all my other goodies i squeeled and snatched it right up! the Tea Tree Face Wash and Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash were picked up because as finally my body has healed i can begin training again. which means sweat. which means face and body breakout. eeewww! no but really, it happens. as i have had great success with this tea tree product for spot treatment, i thought this would be a great addition to work out days. the Refresh Citrus Body Wash smells amazing and isn't too 'girly' so that husband and i can both use it. the Coconut Body Butter is also exciting as i have heard many pregnant woman rave about it. it smells like you are living inside a coconut and has the texture of meringue, which of course instantly makes me want to eat it. but i didn't (weirdo!). finally, i had no idea micellar products were sold in wipes form so when i saw the Trader Joe's version i was eager to try them out! all the prices are very fair ranging from $3-$6 and since they are all natural i feel it to be a bargain. 

then i pushed my cart over to the food area. sigh...basically the marketing team behind Trader Joe's knows what's up and puts everything in hard to resist packaging. which makes me want to buy everything but instead i focused on specific items we needed. like snacks. i always need snacks. more specifically at 10 a.m. because i have child like tendencies. and i work at an elementary school so i jump on that bandwagon. these fruit bars are so yummy in my tummy. they taste like an adult version of a fruit rollup. coffee doesn't last long in out house so when i saw this Coffee a Cocoa made with beans from Brazil with unsweetened cocoa and a rich chocolate fudge flavor i immediately threw it in my basket. it is amazing! it tastes so so so good! the cocoa flavor isn't over powering at all. it's rich and strong and foresee many repurchases of it. the Fig Butter will make such a great addition to my Italian sandwiches and the Coconut Oil Spray an easier way to use coconut oil in my skillet.

now the green tea. ok let me start by saying that i love a good cup of tea...however, i dislike intensely green tea. it makes me gag. no matter what combo of it you give me i will shudder. and yet i start every morning off with a tea cup (no more and i pray sometimes less) of green tea on an empty stomach. i will not deny its healing qualities and what it has done for my skin and belly issues. this tea is very strong so i didn't steep it for long. i will say that the coconut, lemongrass, and ginger in it do wonders for masking that 'green' taste. i can't say that i love it simply because i do not like green tea, but i will say it is the one that i have found to be less gag-inducing. cheers!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Spend or Save

with so many makeup lines out there, it can be overwhelming to determine when it is best to go to a counter or when to go drugstore. while it can be fun to experiment with different options (God knows i do) there does come a point when i can more or less determine where i would rather spend a bit more money on certain products and when i can save.

Liquid Foundation- once L'Oreal True Match Foundation appeared on the scene basically all the guess work of 'what is my shade' came out of it. drugstore foundations have come such a long way and are starting to provide vast color ranges that i feel comfortable going drugstore.

Powder Foundation- makeup counter. it's not even a question. i have yet to find a good coverage powder foundation with lasting quality from the drugstore. if you know of any, shout it out!

Concealer- although i will say my absolute favorite concealer is Benefits Boi-ing (covered all of my acne and acne scars when i was having horrible skin issues) i find that i no longer need it in part because my skin has healed so very much. i now reach for drugstore on this. Favorites include both the liquid and crayon like concealer from the True Match line and of course Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Concealer. 

Eyeliner- i only wear liquid eyeliner and for years i was a slave to MAC Bootblack. and then i got a bad batch. and then it flaked and was all over my face. and then i ran to the drugstore to get something quick to fix it. and then began my love affair with L'Oreal Infallible The Super Slim. i have many drug store favorites now as i mentioned here. i really love them all!

Mascara- it's not even a question. drugstore. and more specifically L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.

Blush- here i splurge. i feel like you can't beat the color payoff and pigmentation of them.

Bronzer- i think it comes down to your skin tone. some bronzers are so orangey and some are so dusty. i think once you find the 'brown' that works for you, then go for it. but to keep with my theme, i go drugstore.

Eyeshadow- if i had to pick i would go makeup counter. again it can be hit or miss as with blush or pigmentation and color payoff from the drugstore. so generally i hit up my Sephora for new ones.

Lips- my favorite shades are from the drugstore. be it balm, gloss, or straight from the tube lipstick. plus with so many collections coming out all the time, you are sure to find something new.

now this isn't to say that i stick to my guns on all of these. how can i provide a true review of various beauty products if i stuck to just one line? this is more or less a guide of when it comes down to it should i choose to spend or save. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sick Day Skin Care Routine

about 3 weeks ago i came down with the flu and bronchitis. i didn't even know it was possible to have both. i just figured one trumped the other. at least i got a new shiny red inhaler out of it. i spent about 4 days in bed agonizing over my impending death (i had a fever)and was very aware of how gross i was becoming. there is nothing cute about constant sweating and snotting. 

every time i get sick i can't be bothered with proper skin care routine. it's just not a priority. breathing is a priority. and for this without fail my skin gets irritated and paves the way for blemishes. once i feel slightly human again, i rely on these products to help bring my skin back to some kind of normal state:

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar- i have been using this product since high school when my beloved dermatologist told me too. it is so gentle on the skin but effective at removing that layer of gunk off your face without over drying. you can use it on your entire body (hello back breakouts from heavy sessions at the gym....eeerrr you know). it is geared for sensitive skin and acne prone skin.

Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser- next i wash my face again but with this lovely gentle cleanser. the consistency feels almost like lotion when you rub it in. leaves my skin feeling soft and helps reduce the redness on my cheeks. 

Vitamin E Face Mist- in order to try and bring back some moisture to my dehydrated skin i used this lovely scented spray as my toner. technically you can use it to set your makeup or just refresh your face.

Lush Grease Lightning- my holy grail for blemishes! this stuff works great. better even than my dermatologist prescribed acne medication. i spot treat this on my face and not all over my face to not cause further drying at this time.

Vitamin C Skin Boost- clearly i can't be bothered with makeup so i blend a teeny tiny amount of this orange orchard scented balm on my face. it gives you a slight matte look but leaves your skin feeling silky. if vitamin c is good to take when sick why not slather it on your face, right?

Vitamin E Masque- couldn't find this online but you can pop into your local Body Shop store and pick one up. i use this at night instead of any masque that helps with breakouts. i find my skin to be so dehydrated at this point that it works best for me. plus the scent is amazing! it says its slightly rose water scented but it reminds me of that pink cold cream my Mami used to use when i was little. 

finally i drink an obscene amount of tea (chamomile or cinnamon blend) and slather on some balm on my snout (really that is what it resembles at this point) and lay on my bed and wait until i get better. dramatic like in a sense with one hand over my heart and the other palm upwards over my forehead just like a dainty lady would. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Lip Balms I Can't Live Without

you know that scene in Napoleon Dynamite where he calls his brother to bring him his chapstick? not only did i find that out of this world hysterical but it was something i can relate to. if my purse isn't laden with about 3 balms at one given time then i need to go home and reload. at one point i even carried a small purse full of them. but as many as i have had, here are the ones i can't live without.

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm- this stuff is a dream! it is the same as the original but with a hint of tingle from the mint which i am addicted to in lip products. i smear this on well past my lip line. i also use this on dry spots on my face and even on my cuticles. my little has perpetually dry lips and he knows to reach into my purse for some 'chopstick' and apply. i have had this pot for a year now and i have barely made a dent in it because a little goes a long way. great to apply at night before going to bed if you are a mouth breather like i am. hot!

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue- i may be the only person in the world who didn't flock to their local drug store and purchase every single shade of Baby Lips. i didn't see a point. then i came across this and thought surely it has some minty tingle in it and i was not wrong. there is just something so satisfying when applying this sheer balm to my lips and appreciate the minty fresh tingle which i believe is it telling me it is working. i keep this one at work and apply about once an hour. yes i am addicted. it may be a problem.

ChapStick Candy Cane- are we seeing a trend here? this is limited edition for the holidays and so far i have seen it come back year after year. this doesn't mean that i don't purchase about 4 of these to last me through out the year. this is the one i keep in my makeup bag and apply before i do my face. there is nothing super special about this other than it is peppermint flavored (aduh!) and i feel does a good job moisturizing my pucker for lipstick. 

Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy Treatment- think of it as anti-aging face cream for your lips. this product claims to scientifically have proven to repair the lips, boost moisture, enhance volume, and improve the definition of the lip line. they had me at 'scientifically'. now i won't say that i use this on a daily basis but i do use it about twice a week or when i am sick and my lips are chapped beyond recognition from my dragon snout breathing (seriously husband is a lucky man). plus it's from Fresh. enough said. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

you know the old saying 'don't judge a book by its cover'? well i least in the literal sense. this is normally how i choose which book to read next. i can get lost in a book store for hours just looking at all that it has to offer. you basically need to send Liam Neeson to come get me. but when it comes down to picking out which book i am going to read next i gravitate towards a cover that i am attracted too...hello any book that features Rob Lowe on the cover will be purchased by me regardless of the content. i am a sucker for bright covers with gimmicks and cutesy pictures. but that doesn't always prove to be a good technique as you can only read so many books about shopping in New York (or can't you?) before you start to wonder if you already read this book before. so when i came across this POPSUGAR 2015 reading challenge i took it as a sign from the reading gods, a guide to help me select my books for this year. as i mentioned before, i have been trying to read 52 boobs in a year for 2 years in a row now and while i have been close both times, i haven't made it. i am excited to give this a try. you can print this out and check off the boxes as you go, which i am weirdly super excited out. some of my friends are doings this with me and i can't wait to see which books we all choose for a specific category. let me know if you do this which books you select and for which section. happy reading!

Friday, January 2, 2015

#housetohome 2

if you follow me on twitter you will know that husband and i were married in a small civil ceremony in our home last November. it was perfect. just our family and our best friends. their presence was enough of a gift but some lovelies were feeling extra generous and got us a few essential items for the home. 

that coffeemaker is what dreams are made of guys! i had been lusting for it for a long time. it is perfect for us since husband starts his day drinking a pot of coffee and i start mine off with a cup of green tea to settle belly. also, the dog cookie jar puts some character into our kitchen. we are dog lovers over here. i named him Herbert. these big bowls came in handy on Thanksgiving let me tell you! all items are from Target.

*this is not a sponsored post. the giants at Target do not even know i exist. i just love that store and find all their items to be made of quality material and perfect for our #housetohome.*