Life in Mascara: Cleansing Oil

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cleansing Oil

a few months ago i did a post on items i had purchased from The Body Shop. they have quickly become one of my favorite stores and favorite skin care items. but this one in particular really deserves 5 stars.

i am a full winged eyeliner and 3 coats of mascara kind of girl on a daily basis. go big eyes, or go home. i have relied heavily on the same makeup remover face wash since college and while i have no complaints over it and works well with my sensitive skin, it did nothing else for me. 

i was eager to try this and knew i would know with one wash if it was a keeper because really all that mascara takes werk! i did one pump and started massaging it onto my cheeks. my bronzer, blush, and foundation started to melt and my skin became evident rather quickly. it was an interesting sensation to be slathering oil over my face. think olive oil on chicken before the oven. but at the same time there was something rather satisfying about it. the scent is not too overpowering and its clean and refreshing. i took a second pump and really put this cleansing oil to the test. i took it to my eyes. at first i didn't feel anything but i kept massaging my eyelashes. slowly i could feel the mascara thinning out. it didn't take long before i felt it gone. i opened my eyes since it states to be safe around the eyes and for contact wearers and i could see all the makeup slathered around my face in a controlled mess. i rinsed off my face and expected a greasy residue. but there was none! none at all! my skin was so soft and the scent lingered on my skin. my face felt clean and hydrated. almost like i had used lotion on my face already. it was love at first wash.

i have used this with light makeup days and very heavy makeup days and i have not been disappointed. i had my sister try it and she too purchased a bottle the very next day. i seriously can't get over the scent and have started a Twitter campaign of 1 asking The Body Shop to extend their Camomille line. imagine a body butter? swoon!

Camomille Silky Cleansing Oil $18

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