Life in Mascara: How I Stay Organized

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How I Stay Organized

if you have been reading my blog for a bit, you will know how much i had been anticipating the release of Sugar Paper for Target. it is their second collaboration and it took all the guess work out for me in choosing my 2015 agenda. i normally start trolling the internet and shops around September to find the perfect planner. i look forward to it. stationary excites me! once i get it, i start carrying it around with me as i am a hard core planner and usually start planning next years events while ending the current year. here is what i do to stay organized:

pick your pens. this sounds silly to some but to me i look at it as art. i need to be inspired and look forward to writing in my planner. i have been using this set for the past two years. they are gorgeously pigmented and inky and have minimal transfer to the back of the page. i then select which will be my main color, my color for my runs or working out sessions (i sound hard core and legit don't i?), my color for anything pertaining to my husband and the boys, and finally a catch all color used for things like list making, planning meals, and websites i need to go back and check. yup i color coordinate the crap out of my planner. it is a hot mess and i love it!

post-its are crucial. i like to keep these super sticky Post-its around in various colors so when i randomly jot something down i can stick it in my planner and not worry about it flying away.

carry it everywhere. whether i stick it in my purse, or carry it in my work bag, i am never without my planner. i feel naked without it.

transfer it. i no longer get rid of my old planners (good for my anxiety) but i do transfer things from my old planner to my new one that i will need like birthdays, addresses, websites that come in handy, etc. 

write it all down. pretty self explanatory. whether it is a minuscule detail or a big task you are less likely to forget it you write it down. plus it can't hurt and you get the added bonus of cheap thrills by crossing off another item from your to do list.

what are some of your tips to keep things organized?


  1. Woohoo i made a blog debut! ;) I love using a paper planner myself. I'm old school <3. I tried sticking with certain colors for certain things but it didn't work for me. I instead use specific colors within a week. I just want things to pop off the page at me.

    1. I think it is really just about being inspired to write in it and use it. Great tip on using specific colors per week! Never thought about that!