Life in Mascara: Sick Day Skin Care Routine

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sick Day Skin Care Routine

about 3 weeks ago i came down with the flu and bronchitis. i didn't even know it was possible to have both. i just figured one trumped the other. at least i got a new shiny red inhaler out of it. i spent about 4 days in bed agonizing over my impending death (i had a fever)and was very aware of how gross i was becoming. there is nothing cute about constant sweating and snotting. 

every time i get sick i can't be bothered with proper skin care routine. it's just not a priority. breathing is a priority. and for this without fail my skin gets irritated and paves the way for blemishes. once i feel slightly human again, i rely on these products to help bring my skin back to some kind of normal state:

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar- i have been using this product since high school when my beloved dermatologist told me too. it is so gentle on the skin but effective at removing that layer of gunk off your face without over drying. you can use it on your entire body (hello back breakouts from heavy sessions at the gym....eeerrr you know). it is geared for sensitive skin and acne prone skin.

Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser- next i wash my face again but with this lovely gentle cleanser. the consistency feels almost like lotion when you rub it in. leaves my skin feeling soft and helps reduce the redness on my cheeks. 

Vitamin E Face Mist- in order to try and bring back some moisture to my dehydrated skin i used this lovely scented spray as my toner. technically you can use it to set your makeup or just refresh your face.

Lush Grease Lightning- my holy grail for blemishes! this stuff works great. better even than my dermatologist prescribed acne medication. i spot treat this on my face and not all over my face to not cause further drying at this time.

Vitamin C Skin Boost- clearly i can't be bothered with makeup so i blend a teeny tiny amount of this orange orchard scented balm on my face. it gives you a slight matte look but leaves your skin feeling silky. if vitamin c is good to take when sick why not slather it on your face, right?

Vitamin E Masque- couldn't find this online but you can pop into your local Body Shop store and pick one up. i use this at night instead of any masque that helps with breakouts. i find my skin to be so dehydrated at this point that it works best for me. plus the scent is amazing! it says its slightly rose water scented but it reminds me of that pink cold cream my Mami used to use when i was little. 

finally i drink an obscene amount of tea (chamomile or cinnamon blend) and slather on some balm on my snout (really that is what it resembles at this point) and lay on my bed and wait until i get better. dramatic like in a sense with one hand over my heart and the other palm upwards over my forehead just like a dainty lady would. 

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