Life in Mascara: #SmearForSmear

Thursday, January 29, 2015


with Valentine's Day fast approaching, i wanted to bring up a type of love some of us struggle with: self love. i constantly struggle with self doubt, body image, and feelings of inadequateness. i think once you hear the words 'look at you, who would want to touch you' from someone who is supposed to be your partner it's not easy to come back from. through time, prayer, and a lot of hard work i have been able to surpass a lot of the negative chatter in my head but not all of it. i have been blessed to find husband who loves me for me and that goes miles in helping.

i realized just how much i neglected myself, my health, and how i use food to mask my feelings. i have had many medical issues since i was young. cysts, irregular bleeding, deficiencies, and being told that kids may not be in my future. many people gave me advice along the way 'eat grapes, eat liver, a blood transfusion will fix it'. um no. many misconceptions and wives tales. 

while i accepted all of this i did decide to be proactive about my body and i chose to be informed about my issues. when i saw this campaign #SmearForSmear and read what Jo's Trust was doing to creative awareness, i knew i wanted to be a part of it. going to the doctor is not fun. honestly, i feel vulnerable and awkward the moment those stirrups come out but i know i need to do this. if i want a future, if i want to do all those things on my buckets list, if i want to be there for my family getting my annual done is one thing i must do. i made my appointment already. love yourself enough to get checked.  

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