Life in Mascara: Trader Joe's Haul

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trader Joe's Haul

i am not a full on organic person when it comes to my food. you can actually say that i am not at all except when it comes to my bananas. however, i have taken small steps to slowly incorporate organic items into our pantry, say when things run out, they get replaced by an organic version. i have made vast strides when it comes to my skincare and i have reaped the rewards. so when they opened a Trader Joe's just blocks from where i work i took the opportunity to go check out their beauty section as i had heard lots of good things about it. 

i haven't tried any of these products yet but i am most excited to try their sunscreen. i am so allergic to the regular over the counter ones that when i saw this one as i was walking away with all my other goodies i squeeled and snatched it right up! the Tea Tree Face Wash and Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash were picked up because as finally my body has healed i can begin training again. which means sweat. which means face and body breakout. eeewww! no but really, it happens. as i have had great success with this tea tree product for spot treatment, i thought this would be a great addition to work out days. the Refresh Citrus Body Wash smells amazing and isn't too 'girly' so that husband and i can both use it. the Coconut Body Butter is also exciting as i have heard many pregnant woman rave about it. it smells like you are living inside a coconut and has the texture of meringue, which of course instantly makes me want to eat it. but i didn't (weirdo!). finally, i had no idea micellar products were sold in wipes form so when i saw the Trader Joe's version i was eager to try them out! all the prices are very fair ranging from $3-$6 and since they are all natural i feel it to be a bargain. 

then i pushed my cart over to the food area. sigh...basically the marketing team behind Trader Joe's knows what's up and puts everything in hard to resist packaging. which makes me want to buy everything but instead i focused on specific items we needed. like snacks. i always need snacks. more specifically at 10 a.m. because i have child like tendencies. and i work at an elementary school so i jump on that bandwagon. these fruit bars are so yummy in my tummy. they taste like an adult version of a fruit rollup. coffee doesn't last long in out house so when i saw this Coffee a Cocoa made with beans from Brazil with unsweetened cocoa and a rich chocolate fudge flavor i immediately threw it in my basket. it is amazing! it tastes so so so good! the cocoa flavor isn't over powering at all. it's rich and strong and foresee many repurchases of it. the Fig Butter will make such a great addition to my Italian sandwiches and the Coconut Oil Spray an easier way to use coconut oil in my skillet.

now the green tea. ok let me start by saying that i love a good cup of tea...however, i dislike intensely green tea. it makes me gag. no matter what combo of it you give me i will shudder. and yet i start every morning off with a tea cup (no more and i pray sometimes less) of green tea on an empty stomach. i will not deny its healing qualities and what it has done for my skin and belly issues. this tea is very strong so i didn't steep it for long. i will say that the coconut, lemongrass, and ginger in it do wonders for masking that 'green' taste. i can't say that i love it simply because i do not like green tea, but i will say it is the one that i have found to be less gag-inducing. cheers!

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