Life in Mascara: When to Toss

Monday, January 26, 2015

When to Toss

if you are a makeup lover like i am, chances are you boarder on hoarder tendencies. we all have that nail polish we refuse to throw out even though we haven't used it in years or that lipstick that has now been discontinued. but did you know you could actually be hurting your skin? all of these items breed bacteria and can cause breakouts or infections. so when do we keep them and when do we toss em? here...let me help.

Concealer- 2 years unless it is a liquid form. then it is 1 year.

Powder Foundation- 1.5 years.

Liquid Foundation- 6-12 months. Be very careful here. true signs of it's time to go is separation of the formula, unusual thickening, and change in scent. if this happens, do not pass go. do not collect $200!

Eye Shadow- 2 years. if it is in a cream or liquid formula, then it would be 6-12 months.

Liquid Eyeliner- 3-6 months.

Pencil Eyeliner- 1-2 years. make sure to sharpen well in between uses. if you see a color change or the tip of the product turns white, then show that bad boy the door!

Mascara- 3 months. this is for sure one to watch guys and you can give yourself wicked eye infections.

Bronzer- 2 years.

Blush- 2 years.

Cream or Powder Blush- 1 year.

Lip Liner- 1-2 years. same warning as the pencil eyeliner applies.

Lipstick- 2 years.

Lip Gloss- 1 year. oh when those go bad. they go B.A.D.

now let me finish this post by saying that i take anything that touches my eyes very seriously. i have had some very bad eye infections, many brought on by my allergies, but also old contacts. so when i come down with an eye irritation, my eye makeup gets thrown to the trash as do my contacts. as my doctor put it when i complained to him that my eyeliner was new and from MAC, "do you want to have eyes to put that eyeliner on?". i got the message loud and clear. 

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