Life in Mascara: Women Getting Things Done: Lara Casey

Friday, January 30, 2015

Women Getting Things Done: Lara Casey

i have been following this woman on Instagram for a while now. i can't tell you what immediately drew me to her but she had cute pictures i liked to scroll through. i guess randomly i began to actually read her captions under her pictures. what a concept right? soon i knew her name, Lara Casey, and looked forward to reading her captions. i began to read her blog and saw that she was coming out with a book, Make It Happen. i took to her, which if you know me you will know i am not drawn to someone who is very religious because my experiences have been they try and shove religion down my throat and i immediately shut down. as i have mentioned before, i am Catholic, i have a lot of faith, and God goes before me. however, after more than 12 years of Catholic school, i have religious tolerance and do not feel the need to 'push' my beliefs on anyone. but Lara, she is so full of love for God and faith, that she carries it in a different way. she talks about what God is for her, for her life, for her marriage. i don't get the sense from her that she is telling me 'this is how you need to be in your relationship with God or you will be doomed'. not at all! i guess i saw more of my personal life mirrored in her own personal life that i decided to take the journey of her book with her. and i am glad i did.

i do not want to give a lot away but i do want to tell you about Chapter 3. it was Martin Luther King weekend and i had made plans with some girlfriends. as things happen, they fell apart and i was left feeling disappointed and lonely as i often do when this happens. mainly it is because i do not have any family here and i know if my mom or my sister were here, my car would be loaded in a second and off we would go to have life adventures. another is because it is very hard to plan things with my husband because of our schedules and our boys are still very young. it just makes things a little tricky and requires extensive planning on my part. anyways that night i went to bed restless and cranky. i thought 'ok let go and let God and get praying'. somehow a prayer came into my mind and i went with it. but when i realized what i was praying, i instantly lost the words as i had not properly said this prayer on a daily basis since senior year in high school. that was 2001 (yikes!). i figured i would Google the words the next day and actually say it properly but i forgot.

i came home and was prepared to hunker down with my Nook and watch YouTube but the stream began to buffer. annoyed, i loaded it on my phone and it did the same thing. guys, my phone never buffers. i thought fine, i'll read. in this particular chapter she asks you to identify the lies you have been telling yourself and then identify the overall feeling of it and to write it down. then she had me look up this topic and see what the Bible had to say about it. the feeling/topic i had identified was 'loneliness'. i loaded the Bible website (go figure my Nook was suddenly cured) and hit the search button under loneliness. it came back with a list of Bible verses but the one that my eye saw when i looked down was the same prayer that had come into my head the day before. Psalm 23. i closed my eyes. i got chills. i thought 'Lord, you were with me last night. You are with me today. You even went as far as to break my internet to get me to listen to you!'. i was not and am not alone! i began to wonder how many times has He tried to talk to me and i was too busy, too angry, too self-absorbed to listen? i went back to my book and kept reading. a single paragraph later Lara tells me to go to her accompanying website and click on the Chapter 3 accompanying link and print out Psalm 23 for myself and share it with anyone i want to as well. coincidence? i think not!

i highly encourage you to pick up this book. it is really soul searching. i did all the writing prompts in a notebook because i want to read this book again years from now and see how much (hopefully) i have grown. she also has created PowerSheets, which are currently sold out, but nonetheless are a great source of inspiration and serves as a guideline on setting goals and actually accomplishing them (more on that later i promise). read her blog, listen to her podcast on The Jess Lively Show, and i promise you, you will want to read this book and Make Things Happen! 


  1. So grateful you were encouraged — God is so good!

    1. This is my favorite post! You are an inspiration to all who read your blog. LifeInMascara is my new morning cup of coffee :) I couldn't buy this book fast enough after reading today's post... it will be on my door step in 2 days! I can't wait! Lara is absolutely right - God is so good!

    2. I am so blown away by your having stopped and commenting on my blog Lara. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. Really made my week!

      D'Lynn I am so happy you ordered this book. Go into it with an open heart and an open mind and reap the messaged God will send you.