Life in Mascara: Book Challenge Update

Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Challenge Update

i debated whether or not to do this blog post. my intention was to update you on where i was with my book challenge and be able to share about 4 or 5 books with you. but i got through one. and man was it a life changer! life happened. this month we had some illness, being there for family members going though some serious issues, and coming together to celebrate 3 birthdays in our family. and you know what? i am perfectly o.k. with that.

yes the inner type A planner in me is shrieking going 'but your list!!!!'. but i just want to give her some English Breakfast tea and tell her to calm down! my life isn't perfect and i never want to give the illusion that it is. more than anything i want to learn to accept the curve balls life throws at me and throw them right back at life whilst throwing my head back and doing my evil laugh (no?)

so i will take the 1 book i read and count it as 'A book by a female author'. check! for those of you following this challenge, where are you at?

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