Life in Mascara: Keep or Return

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Keep or Return

i used to get so embarrassed returning anything to the store that was not broken or defective. simply telling the person 'i don't like it' or 'i changed my mind' was not a good excuse. so i ended up with an arsenal of stuff that would never get used and would eventually be given away or thrown away. wasteful! i would take the same approach with makeup. especially drugstore makeup as testing it prior to purchase is virtually impossible. but one day a lady who worked at the grocery store no less saw me contemplating a shade. she said, 'i love that color but it is not for everyone. you can always return it'. i looked at her like she was stupid. how gross to return a used lipstick. she read my mind and said 'even if it is used. you can bring it back and we will give you your money back no questions asked'. she had me at 'no questions asked'. 

upon looking further into it you really can return just about anything. vendors and manufacturers have the 'satisfaction guaranteed' clause. this applies both to drugstore and makeup counters. there is no need for you to keep a product in the back of your junk drawer if you are not happy with it. make those pennies count! return it and reinvest your money into that something that really works for you!

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