Life in Mascara: Moving Towards an Organic Life

Friday, February 13, 2015

Moving Towards an Organic Life

buying organic has always been something of a fad to me. it all seemed so expensive and really i just couldn't afford it. i also didn't see a need for it. it was just me and my dogs. they ate overly priced diabetic dog food and i ate everything else under the sun. but my life changed. enter husband, the boys, and yet another dog. life in the kitchen now meant i cooked more and really thought about the meals. still i really didn't go the organic route except when it came to bananas and berries as i noticed their shelf life were longer than regular produce. 

some weeks back, we had dinner at a friends house as a family. while our husbands and kids were outside at the camp fire, we were inside with their beautiful baby girl. in conversation she mentioned to me that they were fully organic now and had done so over the course of a year so they wouldn't feel it in their budget. she didn't say and i didn't ask if it was for health reasons but i thought wow that was smart. slowly easing the family into it. days later and that conversation hadn't left my mind. i began to put further thought into it. if i had consciously put effort into changing my skincare to more pure and organic items and had seen the drastic changes in my skin, what would happen if i did the same to what i actually put in my body? i thought about how the redness on my cheeks had almost disappeared during a 3 month span where i was training for a run and was eating mainly fruits and vegetables with some lean protein. and also how quickly it had come back when i went back to my regular eating. all of us have allergies in our home, even the dogs, and i wondered could this help us as well?

i know our family will probably never be 100% organic because let's face it, Rico's nacho cheese is not organic and i cannot live without this, but can i actually gear my family towards a more organic life and see some positive change? i will say that i ran out of some staples in our pantry and while i went grocery shopping i replaced them with their organic version. it wasn't much, but it was a start. i'm curious to know, how high on the organic scale are you?

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