Life in Mascara: Set It!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Set It!

i live in Texas and what that means in terms of makeup is expect it to run down your face most of the year. my makeup more often than not requires a little something extra to keep from constantly reapplying. since i spend my working hours indoors, i didn't want anything too strong like bondo or anything like that. i just wanted something that i would feel comfortable with spraying on my face everyday. 

because i am a big fan of e.l.f. in general, i decided to give their Makeup Mist and Set spray a whirl. as far as drugstore brands go, i had yet to see any brand come out with a makeup setting spray. e.l.f. is so diverse to me in that they dapple in a little bit of everything. makeup, mineral makeup, brushes, skincare, you name it, they have it. plus you can't beat the price at $3.00! but what really sold me were their ingredients: aloe, green tea, cucumbers, and vitamins A, C, and E. there was no mention of silicone, bondo, or any other weird ingredient with a bunch of letters that i can't pronounce. also, it is alcohol free. this is perfect for everyday wear. i am on my third bottle. it will always be in my makeup bag as i notice my makeup does not last a full day when i forget to use it. i will say that if you are looking for something heavy duty that will last through bought's of sweat or at the beach, you will need something else or constant reapplying. or really, just go without makeup if you are going to be sweating all day!

***sidenote*** recently husband came home and showed me a picture he had taken at the gas station. it was an e.l.f. makeup stand at Exxon. bravo e.l.f.! bravo! no one else has done this! major marketing skill points here. the geek in me wishes there was a report to see how much they gross in sales from these. then the other day i saw the same thing but at Old Navy. e.l.f.'s marketing team sure is on it!


  1. I've been wearing this stuff for years and I love it. I am too cheap to buy the MAC version a roommate wore but am happy I found this equivalent for a fraction of the cost.

    1. The best! I feel no need to look for anything else for my daily routine.