Life in Mascara: Special Saturday: Training Again and Failing

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Special Saturday: Training Again and Failing

a few weeks ago i was lent a bike to try out and see if it would be a fit for me for my upcoming triathlon. i was really excited to get out there and ride since i used to enjoy it so much when i was younger. armed with my new obsession, iPod streaming The Lively Show, i got on and set my goal to be the duration of one podcast (around 40 minutes). i was back home in 6 minutes struggling to even pull up to my driveway. that was a real shot to the ego because as i mentioned before i run half marathons and basically if you have ever done one i am sure you will agree that you feel invincible afterwards and from then on. and yet this bike kicked me while i was already down. 

here is the thing, in April 2014 husband and i flew to San Francisco where i ran Rock 'n' Rock. it has been one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences of my life and i still can't believe i did it. i went into it with a year of intense training and participation in running events. the last 5 months leading up to it i ran 4 half marathons to help me with the change in elevation and hills. when i was done i hugged a light pole and cried and waited for husband to claim me. i called my parents and my dad asked me what was next 'L.A., San Diego, a triathlon?' 'Brunch' i said. running was the last thing on my mind. i needed to heal. i was drained. and so i did. i signed up to run Rock n' Roll in December here in San Antonio. i started training in September and it felt good to slowly start that progress again. and then the pedicure from hell happened and i had to have a procedure done on my toe two weeks before our wedding in November. needless to say come December i power walked 13.1 miles because the toe was still being a pain.

ego shattered, weight gain, and endurance gone i texted my sister and told her what had happened. she replied 'Good job! Day 1 done!'. wwwhhhhaaaatttt?!?!? damn it she was right! i didn't start running all of a sudden. i started by walking two blocks and i thought i was going to die. and that too was coming off of a surgery. i was worried that i would basically have to start from zero but i believe muscle has memory and i can bounce back. i took yet another week (plus 3 days) off and once again armed with iPod in hand i got back on that bike and pushed off. my time? hahahahahahaha but i am still getting out there. i am still trying to get to where i was and with God before me, angel wings behind me, and iPod safely strapped to my arm i will!     

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