Life in Mascara: Valentines Day for Her

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentines Day for Her

i love Valentine's Day. even when i didn't have anyone to share it with, all my girlfriends would get together and go out to dinner or a movie. it's not about the romance of it all but mainly for me it's a 'stop your busy life for a moment and remember to tell those that matter to you hey, i freaking LOVE YOU!' type of thing. 

that being said i know it can be really stressful for guys not knowing what to get their ladies, so i put together this guide to help take the guess work out of it.

start by getting this Valentines Day card from my ever favorite Sugar Paper. let her know how you feel about her. writers block? then use a classic, 'roses are red, violets are blue...'. now hand over the yummies! getting the box of chocolate dipped strawberries and apples from Edible Arrangements will be a big hit. to continue with the chocolate theme, present her with the new eye shadow palette by Too Faced in Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar. let's all take a minute to step back and admire the smooth chocolaty inspired shades. drool! last but not least stay in and avoid the crowds while eating those treats and lighting this delectable candle. ahhh! you can just smell the romance. happy valentine's day and remember to tell everyone in your life that you love them all the time.

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