Life in Mascara: Valentine's Day for the Kids

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day for the Kids

this has been one of my favorite gift guides to write (secretly because i want all of these gifts). but really because my Mami made sure to celebrate every holiday with us. i remember coming home from school, bag laden with all my cards and candy, and running up to my bedroom. nothing mattered more than finding a Valentine's Day gift from my Mami. she never missed one. and i am not ashamed to say that as an adult i sometimes still receive a gift from her on this day in the mail.

you learn your behavior from your parents, in my opinion, especially on traditions and celebrations. it is an unwritten form of communication. however, written communication between a parent and a child is also important (and down right cute). these Valentine Day cards from Only Printable Art are so adorable. plus you can print them on the spot. when i saw these awesome conversation heart crayons by Ivy Lane Designs, i knew they would be perfect for any kid (and i love conversation heart candy!). what kid doesn't love a fresh set of crayons? next, bake some sugar cookies with your babies and decorate them together. baking and bonding is always a great experience. make sure to snap some pics while doing so and don't mind the mess. it's worth it. now sit down with your babies, enjoy those cookies, and take in Be My Valentine Charlie Brown. perfect!

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