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Friday, February 27, 2015

Women Getting Things Done: Emma Watson

when i hear the name 'Emma Watson" i instantly think Hermione Granger and smile at the warm feeling the Harry Potter series brings me. i was always partial to her character: strong willed, determined, and very intelligent. i remember thinking what a great female protagonist model this character was and Watson played it flawlessly. now grown Watson has become a beautiful woman with deep roots in activism. i happily sat and watched her speech for the United Nations promoting gender equality and the #heforshe campaign and did a slow clap from home. then i sat in horror the next day as so many people dug and tore her apart for it. ignorance is not bliss. ignorance is ignorance.

whether you are a fan of her or not is not the question, but rather focus on the message. gender equality is something this nation has struggled with since its foundation. we are not the delicate flowers that society continues to picture us as. we are strong individuals who deserve the same opportunities and respect just like anyone else. 

#heforshe campaign is helping to get the voice out and encouraging men to pledge for gender equality. one gender helping another. i like the concept of this because i know my husband, my father, and my brother, the three men in my life, would do anything for me and would not stand for my being put down simply because i am a woman. they believe in me, and sadly to say, sometimes they believe in me more than i believe in myself. my own personal demons aside, i wish more men would stand proudly by the women they love and not only pledge in this campaign, but also to lead a life promoting gender equality. 

and finally for women. do not tear each other down, but rather, be happy for those around you. you will get nothing from being angry and resentful at others success. often, it is not even something that you personally want. it is just ugliness festering inside of you. we do not need more negativity in our lives. become the woman you strive to be each and everyday and be proud of yourself. do not apologize for who you are (i have made a conscious effort at how i use the word 'sorry') and surround yourself by positive people who help you grow. don't be afraid.

Emma, i personally thank you. from a women who came out from under an oppressive thumb that held me down far too long, i appreciate you and support your message. and on a final note, this tweet you sent to one of your followers, GOLD! spot on!

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