Life in Mascara: 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Monday, March 23, 2015

30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

every year i give up coffee and soda for Lent. i used to give up all caffeine but apparently i was a raging bitch to everyone and was told to please have tea for everyone's safety. i can do that. this year was no different but i decided to add in a little more since i normally give up these things already several times a year when i am training for a long run. i thought this would be the perfect time to add to my commitment of working out. training for my triathlon has been very slow due to craptacular weather and sheer laziness. so i decided to make it a point to add on at least 30 minutes of working out as many days a week as i could. sometimes i think i just don't have time to do a long work out so i don't. but when i think of it as just for a little bit, just 30 minutes, then i feel like it is not a big deal. 

when looking for things to do, i decided that yoga would be something fun and low impact to add to my routine. instantly i new where to look. Yoga with Adriene. i had heard Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup rave about these videos on multiple occasions and if it comes from Anna then it must be gold. and it sure is.

i am in the middle of the 30 days of yoga series with the videos ranging in time and focus. i was in love since the first one. i will say that due to an old arthritic battle wound ( i fell from the fence when i was 5) i do have to take days in between when the particular video focuses a lot on say downward facing dog. so my 30 days may be more like 60 days but whatever. i look forward to doing them and get a real sense of accomplishment after i am done. 

Adriene has a lot more playlists going and even has live classes in Austin (may just need to pop in for one since it is just around the corner from me).  i can't wait to give this series a go to help me get my running stride back. and if i could ask Adriene for some personal help, a video to help with burts of arthritis? geez, i am such a grandma!

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