Life in Mascara: Empties #2

Friday, March 27, 2015

Empties #2

here is some more of my empties that i have gone through in the past months:

Shea Body Butter- another lovely from The Body Shop. ok i think i can officially (maybe??) say that this one is my favorite (as of yet). it just melts straight into your skin and lasts for so long. since i started using body butters i have noticed such a change in my dry skin. no more dry painful patches.

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist and Set- i raved on about this product here but i will go on about it again. yes i love it! yes it is worth it! yes i use it everyday! yes i need to work for e.l.f. and be their spokeswoman!

Charity Pot- i love the concept behind this little pot of hand cream. it is definitely on the greasier side but it does absorb quickly. and a very little goes a long way. i was carrying it in my purse but i think this will be better served as a night cream applied before going to bed.

Coconut Body Butter- gggaaahhhh Trader Joe's i love you! this stuff is great! their consistency is like meringue and i want to eat it. smells amazing and it lasts too without overpowering you. the moisturizing is great, not as intense as my shea one, but does the job. will be repurchasing as the summer approaches. think of it, bronzed skin, sunny days, a light scent of coconut around you. all you need is a tropical drink...and a tropical destination. or a pool. that'll work!

Facial Oil Rose Otto- i come by products from Estelle and Thild randomly through Marshall's or TJ Max because i can't find a store that stocks them here. this oil so far has been my favorite to use and i am sad to be completely out of it. i need it back in my life! great for everyday use. i even got my Mami hooked on it.

Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara- my complete thoughts here. i guess i just feel bleh about it. it was okaaayyy but i expected more coming from the Voluminous line. 

Brow Shaping Clear Gel- i think this is the first Milani product i talk about in this space. i am a huge fan of their blushes and lipsticks. overall the brand is good with some strong pigmentation. however, this gel didn't hold up the name. i would swipe it on and after it dried, it did nothing. it was like a step i didn't need to take because absolutely nothing happened. 

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