Life in Mascara: Facial Oil is the Name of the Game

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Facial Oil is the Name of the Game

my love for face oils continues and now my heart beats for Botanics Facial Oil. my sister is a fanatic of anything from Boots and she mentioned this to me. i wasn't aware that Boots had created an organic line and as i had previously mentioned, am making a conscious effort towards a more organic lifestyle. to begin with, you can't beat the price at $8.99. plus the bottle is bigger than any face oil i have seen. and then the dispenser. i know i will receive eye rolls over this but hear me out. i have used other oils where the dropper has a sort of limit as to how much you can load in it. since i use the oil on my face, neck, chest, and boobies, i can't really be bothered to reload that sucker over and over again. that is not the case here as it allows to me fill it up to the top so one full dropper is what i use.

this is an 8 hour formula and it is intended to lock in moisture for dry skin. it contains active plant extract, rosehip, and it is rich in Omega oils. it claims to help keep skin soft and healthy looking and improve suppleness. i agree to all of it. it is one of the best oils i have used. it is not greasy and absorbs quickly. i also enjoy the scent which is a plus for me as anything with rose can sometimes smell 'granny' to me. since i have been using it i have noticed a change in my skin. it makes it so soft even hours after i have applied it when i go makeup free. this will definitely be kept in constant rotation at my house.   

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