Life in Mascara: #housetohome 3

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#housetohome 3

i keep meaning to post these beauties. for Valentine's Day husband and my boys came home each carrying a lovely plant for me and a very puckered up kiss as well (my boys give the best ones!). i was so excited to get these plants as you guys know i love cacti and the orchids, well, they come with a funny story. 

on our first Valentine's Day i cooked dinner and husband came home and told me that he was going to buy me an orchid. i was so excited and told him how long i had been wanting one. the man went pale. he said as he went to go pay, one of his employees told him that it was a lame gift. 'fire her' i responded. oh man, he has been hearing it ever since. now, 3 years later, i get not 1, but 2 beautiful plants filled with love as the little hands of my boys reached out and gave them to me. they make a great addition to our home. you'd be surprised how something organic really brings life to a home.

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