Life in Mascara: Quick Tips on How to Relax

Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick Tips on How to Relax

learning how to relax is one of the hardest things for me to do. normally i am wound up and will loose it completely if things don't go according to my mental plan. and while a good cry about things can help me calm down, it isn't always a good plan. plus the puffy face/red eyes combo isn't very flattering. so i put together a little list (aahhh soothing) of things i do that help me relax:

1. quiet is key. we are constantly surrounded by noise. music in the car. co-workers/machinery at work. the constant dialogue we have in our heads (and let's face it that can be the most draining as we are our worst critics and it isn't always positive). so what i like to do is go to my room and shut the door. i like to be by myself. no dogs. no t.v. no new obsession of an iPod for podcasts. nothing. just me. i work on slowing my breathing and calming my thoughts. when i catch my mind wandering i bring it back to the here and now.

2. turn on a candle. we are drawn more to scent than we even know. scent can trigger memories. but they also go a long way on how they make us feel. i prefer scents that are clean and crisp. which in turn makes me believe that my house is immaculate which makes me happy. sad, i know. but again the purpose here is my happiness not my stress over a clean house.

3. decompression clothing. when i run, i wear compression clothing. i am packed in tight like a sausage and go. when i want to relax i bust out 'my blue pants'. they are lovely. i can, and often do, live in them all day. but the point is we all have a set of 'blue pants'. the piece of clothing you reach for when you literally just want to melt into the couch. got it? go get them and put them on!

4. pick a treat. the idea here is not to mask feelings with food but rather to increase your happiness and help you relax. for me it works best with a warm beverage. hot chocolate, a nice latte, or a cup of tea with that extra spoonful of sugar that i love but never let myself have. it soothes me and goes miles at lowering my heart rate.

5. what do you never have time for- do that! as i have mentioned many times i am an extremely organized person. it boarders on an intervention. i map out times for reading, podcast listening, picture blog taking, and on and on. yet there is one thing that i love to do but never get around to it. coloring. there is nothing like opening a fresh box of crayons, inhaling (see? scent again!) that intoxicating crayon order, and starting on page 1 of a coloring book and going in order (i told you!). it brings me such pleasure and reminds me of my childhood. it is so therapeutic to me. words can not even describe. i can get lost in this honestly for hours.

normally after this i can face plant right on the floor for a nappy nap. but regardless of whether this happens or not, i have spent some me time in my happy place and i am ready to reintegrate myself into the real world. 

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