Life in Mascara: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Review

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Review

it seems you can't read a single beauty blog without them mentioning Tarte blushes. they are everywhere. as i am new to this brand and only started out with this item and then added this i knew that the blushes were the next i wanted to try out. but with so many beautiful choices i didn't know which to get so i waited. come December so many brands release their gift sets and Tarte was no exception. they had some goodies. they released two different blush gift sets: one with several of their blushes in smaller pots and one in a pallet. i opted for the smaller pot ones. while i like pallets i somehow prefer loose items. i like to pick the item i like and toss it in my bag instead of lugging the pallet. seams logical to me.

i got my pallet home and put it in my drawer. then Christmas happened. then New Years happened. and somehow i had forgotten to even open my gift set. finally as the paleness of my skin hit an all time high, i went over to my makeup collection to swap out my current blush. and there they were. nestled in their box still in a corner. these beauties were waiting for me.

o.k. so when they say they are highly pigmented they mean HIGHLY pigmented. i managed to draw two pink circles on my cheeks the first time i used them. i am very heavy handed when it comes to blush. i can't seem to find the perfect balance. either i have too much (most days) or not enough (pale sad face). but regardless these blushes have found their way into a daily rotation. i am really having fun experimenting with a different shade everyday. so far i have fallen hard for Prim, which pairs greatly with a red lip to avoid 'red face' which is red eyes from contacts, bright coral blush (my norm), and red lips. and again while they are slightly smaller than the regular pots that is more than o.k. with me. that just means that i will hit pan faster thus bringing on a sense of accomplishment making me throw my hands up in the air in some kind of Rocky reaches the top of the stairs moment. please tell me i am not alone in this. 

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