Life in Mascara: The Brush That Brushes Without Scalping You

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Brush That Brushes Without Scalping You

my mom made me throw away the comb i used to use on my hair. till this day i suffer the loss of the pink comb. to her defense it was cheap, from the dollar store, about 10 years old, and some of the teeth had half melted from a brush with death with the flat iron. in retrospect, it was a bit gross but i loved it nonetheless. i quickly replaced it with yet another brush from the dollar store. and i was happy for many years...or so i thought.

i've always lost a lot of hair but attributed it to stress and the fact that i have long thick hair. i never really cared much until husband pointed out one day that while he was painting the wall trim, he actually removed some of my hair from way up there. i was really baffled by this and kind of impressed that my tresses had held on tight to the wall for some reason. it just really made me think why i could be shedding so much hair. among all the possibilities i came up with (vitamin deficiency, need for new shampoo and conditioner) i never thought to attribute it to my hairbrush. i just assumed they were all the same. apparently not.

i came across The Wet Brush down the aisles of a store and just kind of shrugged it off as a gimmick. another 'as seen on t.v.' product line. but i kept seeing it everywhere and my interest soon began to grow. i decided to give it a go and thought if i shed any less hair while brushing it out then maybe it's a keeper. the first time i used it i was confused. i ran it through my hair and i never felt the bristles rub against my scalp which to me meant it had gone all the way through. hhhmmm. i brushed and brushed and nothing. i finally put it down and ran my fingers through my hair to see just how tangled it really was. there were no tangles! i was baffled.

this brush really goes through your hair without snagging and pulling. i hardly loose any hair while brushing it wet either. i can't even believe i have fallen for a wet brush for my hair. it's such a unique feeling i can't even describe it but i strongly encourage you to try it out for yourself. especially you long thick haired beauties. i picked up the mini version for my travel bag as well. how dinky and cute is it?

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