Life in Mascara: Spring Morning Skincare Routine

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Morning Skincare Routine

With the change in weather came a change in my skin. I noticed it wasn't as dry and dehydrated as it had been and my heavier oils and creams seemed to be too much for it so I decided to change things up.

Fell in love with this Fresh Soy Face Cleanser a while ago. The strong cucumber scent sure makes waking up at 5:30 a.m. more pleasant. Check out my full review here. To tone my face and prepare it for moisturizing, I give it a few quick sprays with The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist. It smells so light and like baby lotion. It seeps into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling refreshed. I especially like the actual sprayer. It delivers a really fine mist. 

Next I apply a a few drops of Botanics Facial Oil all over my face and carry it down towards the front and back of my neck. This oil is great. It is not too heavy and can be used all over the body. It absorbs rather quickly too. I am going through this bottle at a rapid pace. Check out the details here. Around my eyes I have been using Estelle and Thild Eye Balm. As I have mentioned before, I still can't find a store that sells Estelle and Thild products where I live but have come across a few of them at TJ Max and Marshall's. I stock up when I find them. This eye cream states that it will help decrease puffiness and tighten the eye area. I am not sure about the puffiness just yet, but it is a 'hell yes' on the tightening. You feel it as soon as the lotion dries. Not in the 'I just got a bad botox job' but in the 'I am young and fabulous' category. And really, who doesn't want that? Finally I finish it all off with a dab of Estelle and Thild Face Cream Rose Otto. I also apply this down my neck. 

Let me know what products you are loving now that temperatures are slightly warmer. I'd love to hear about them. And make sure to come back on Friday for my Spring Nighttime Skincare Routine. 

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