Life in Mascara: Maybelline Does Nude

Monday, May 18, 2015

Maybelline Does Nude

Ever since Urban Decay created their Nude Palette, it seems like it was only a matter a time before every other makeup brand started to come out with their own version. Drugstore makeup seemed to take its time but brands like L'Oreal and Maybelline finally caught up. The Nudes by Maybelline was released last year but recently they released their The Blushed Nudes palette which is very similar to the third installment by Urban Decay. 

Now I am not a pink colored person. In fact, I think I may own about 3 tops that are pink and 2 have something to do with breast cancer. I just don't gravitate towards that color. Same goes with makeup. I don't favor pink eye shadow generally because I fear looking like I have allergy eyes (which I do almost every day so why add to it?). However, when this palette started making it's appearance on Instagram I was drawn to it because the colors while yes slightly pink, incorporated more cool tones. Grays, mauve's, purples, and some browns even make an appearance. It seemed to be like it was a palette I could get on with.

This palette does not disappoint. Much like the first nude version and all the Maybelline products, these eye shadows are very pigmented and extremely creamy. They come off thickly with one dip of the brush and blend like a dream, almost like a cream eye shadow. I have been enjoying creating different looks with this palette. Perfect for soft romantic looks for a Spring night out. 

Let me know which Maybelline Nude palette is your favorite and stay tuned for Wednesdays post where I will be reviewing the L'Oreal nudes palettes. 


  1. I bought the Nude palate last year and LOVE it!

    1. Very good alternative to the high end version!