Life in Mascara: Protect Those Eyes

Friday, May 8, 2015

Protect Those Eyes

Texas. Allergy central. And now that it is full on Spring we have cedar fever. I can no longer wear contacts on a daily basis like I used to just years back. I think in part my eyes are just tired. I have been wearing contacts for 20 years now and I am also always on the computer. My eyes are often red and irritated. I look like a rabid rabbit. 

My mom actually recommended this contact solution. She said it was really silky and worth the price. Bio true claims to keep your contacts lubricated for up to 20 hours. Now I can't make that claim as I normally come home and take them out right away but I will say that I did notice the difference. And yes like my mom said the formula is silkier than most. Think almost like a watery baby oil. It goes on smoothly into the eyes and I do feel the moisturizing side of it when I first put them on. I find that hours into my day my eyes still feel good. I do still have to go in sometimes with drops as my day goes on but again that is mainly in part to my insane allergies and the computer. 

I guess the old saying still applies even to this: Mother is always right. 

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