Life in Mascara: Sephora VIB Sale: The Mini Edition

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sephora VIB Sale: The Mini Edition

Nothing makes me run faster than a Sephora VIB coupon in my hands...well, maybe the promise of pizza after a half marathon but that is a whole other story. It came in the mail and I eagerly sat at my computer looking over what would soon be mine. There were definitely the April drops that I had been gawking over for days now but there were actually somethings I had on my list from before that were calling my name. 

The Perricone MD gift set fell through my fingers during Christmas so I jumped at the chance when they repacked it with a few other products in it in their Perfectly Polished No Makeup Skincare Essentials Kit. I absolutely love the way my skin looks in their No Foundation Foundation Serum. I have been wearing it everyday since it came in the mail. 

Next I picked up the new Stella McCartney perfume in the 1 oz bottle. I am so funny about scent. I can't change my perfume much and I normally gravitate towards the same notes in them. I have been using the same ones for years. I have a hard time adjusting to changes in perfume/cologne in people who I spend a lot of time with as well. Husband basically is stuck using the same one or else I feel like I am with a stranger. Seriously, scent is so powerful for me. I accidentally bought him the wrong deodorant and I couldn't handle it. Even my detergent has to be the same. Anyways, so far so good with this lovely scent. It is not very different from my traditional scents (basically all of Marc Jacobs fragrances) but slightly stronger in the notes. It's exactly what I was looking for as I wanted a more 'statement scent'.

As I have been making a conscious effort to go towards more natural skincare I picked up this Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla. It's the tiny one that normally would get you in the aisle of doom as you stand in line at Sephora. I thought it was perfect to add to my travel bag for an upcoming trip.

I did have some (a bunch) of rewards points to redeem so I picked up a tiny version of my facewash and this texturizing spray. Without even planning it, my Sephora haul all came in mini's. I must admit when trying new products I do like to go for the mini version when available so I can see if I can get on with them. Plus their dinky packaging is irresistible. 

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