Life in Mascara: Spring Scents

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Scents

I am really funny when it comes to scents. I have such a hard time switching perfumes that I generally stay within the same 'safe notes'. I like clean, fresh, lightly floral scents. Here are the perfumes that I generally stick to with the new addition:

Vanilla Sky by Victoria Secret- I don't think they make this anymore but this bottle has lasted me a lifetime. It has heavy vanilla notes in it so normally one spritz is enough for me. I like to use it when I go out at night as it is on the heavier side and especially in the summer. Vanilla screams summer and tanned skin to me. 

Heavenly Flowers by Victoria Secret- I swear they still sell this but I can't find it on the website. This scent is very similar to all the light floral scents a la Marc Jacobs. I like to use this on my days off and during summer break when I don't have to go to work but still want to smell nice. 

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre- I have been using this perfume for years now. It's my 'I want to feel special' perfume. The scent is young and crisp with slight notes of grapefruit and sheer white musk. Innocent would be the word that comes to mind. I absolutely love it. I often find myself complimenting other people on their perfume and they tell me it is this they are wearing. I generally purchase the 5 oz bottle at around $122 and it generally lasts me the entire year.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh- This is the scent that is perfect for traveling. I generally buy it in the spray or roll on pen for around $24. Every time I smell it, it reminds me of all the places I have traveled to and evokes these wonderful memories and just makes me smile. It is very similar to Daisy which I love as well, but with more of a kick. It is just brighter and has a stronger flowery scent. I find that the notes warm up well on my skin and becomes more pronounced as I am walking around on my vacation. 

Stella Eau de Toilette- I had been looking for a more 'grown up' scent for a while now but still wanted the same notes as all my regular ones. When Stella came out I was instantly drawn to it and new right away it was the scent I had been looking for. The scents are fruity and floral with a bit of green notes in it. Still very fresh and young but bold. I was worried that the stronger scent would give me hard time getting used to but Stella and I are teaming out to be great pals. 

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