Life in Mascara: What's In My Travel Bag

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's In My Travel Bag

When I was in college I spent most weekends driving back home. I always had a toiletries bag ready to go. I had it down to a science. Many a mini bottle of products were jam packed into this clear plastic briefcase looking thing that zipped closed into one and when open had two different compartments. Though I don't travel almost every weekend like I did before, husband and I do take a few trips during the year so I like to keep my travel bag well stocked just in case we need to jam at a moments notice.

All of these goodies can be found at the drugstore with the exception of the little goodies from my Sephora Mini Haul. I also picked up the travel bag from Marshall's and it came with a bunch of little bottles and containers to depot some of my skincare items. Plus it came with these tiny little labels so I know exactly what I was reaching for. 

I always pack a bath sponge and a new toothbrush. I am funny about products that get wet and don't get a chance to dry properly before they get put away so I normally end up tossing these out. This toothbrush from Trader Joe's is made out of recycled yogurt cups so the guilt factor is reduced. 

Not pictured is the tiny bottle of baby powder I like to douse myself in before heading out the door for a long walk. Helps keep areas dry that need to stay dry for long periods of time.  

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