Life in Mascara: Women Getting Things Done: Taylor Sterling

Friday, May 29, 2015

Women Getting Things Done: Taylor Sterling

Image from Glitter Guide
One of the blogs I started reading early on was Sterling Style. I felt a connection with it because the feel of it felt so approachable and not overdone. It felt like a blog and not a website trying to push something on me. Taylor's voice came clear across in every post and I identified with it. She was my age, she was in the same profession I was (finance at that time), and she was running her blog on the side (as was I the first time Life in Mascara was up). It made me feel like what I was doing in the blog world was something worth while, something someone out there might want to read.

I read on as her style began to evolve, her pictures more crisp, her audience growing. As a faithful reader my heart swelled at her engagement and then her wedding. Everything about her was beautiful, the epitome of a girly girl. And then my life changed. And away went all the blogs (hello couldn't afford internet) and all the dreams. I wouldn't even allow myself to read magazines because I couldn't allow myself to want. It would just push me further into my hole. It is a time of my life that is still difficult for me to accept.

When things began to perk up for me I found myself one day browsing and came across a link to Glitter Guide. Instantly propelled into a memory of Taylor talking about wanting to launch a website by this name encompassing all things girly, fun, and glittery. Because I had been living under a rock I had no idea this had actually launched. I clicked into it and was taken to a world of all things beautiful. It was exactly as she had envisioned it if not better. I binged read from that day forward all the way back to their first post. I fell in love and it is still something I read on a daily basis.

I admire Taylor having accomplished her dream of launching this website with a wonderful base of women working along side her. She fuels my creativity daily and I love seeing how she does this while also being a mother, a wife, and all the other million roles we women have. She has built a wonderful community following her and sharing among themselves ways to achieve those sparkly dreams we all have. If you want a more in depth account of her life coming from Taylor herself listen to her appearance on The Lively Show. Plus you get to hear her adorable daughter cooing in the background.  

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