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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fun Summer Ideas

Summer is my favorite season. Not just because my birthday is during this time (July 2 for those who want to send happy thoughts) but because I feel it is a time I can go out and do stuff. I manage very well in the heat and actually thrive in it. So for those of you who are like me, I put together some fun ideas you may want to take part in during these next few months. Enjoy!

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Why not cool down during these hot times with a refreshing adult beverage at home? Sangria, it has fruit, which is technically a summer salad, which means it's good for you. No but really, I follow an easy recipe of one bottle sweet red wine or pink Moscato D'Asti and 1 bottle fruit soda. Bottle sizes vary I know, so what I look for is how many ounces are in each and make them equal. You can use Sprite, Fresca, or flavored mineral water. But what I really like to use is Berry or Lemonade Italian sodas. They seem lighter to me and more fruit flavored. Then I raid my fridge and cut up some fruit. I like to add mango, cherries, and oranges. It gives it a fun tropical vibe. If you are really in a pinch, dump a bag of frozen berries and you are good to go.

Paddle boarding. Half surfing, half canoeing. This is a great workout as you will find your core getting the work out of your life. Balancing standing on the board while paddling is no easy task. And for the brave at heart, try practicing some yoga on your board. Find your center...Namaste!

How about a trip to the beach? Fun story, the first time I went to the beach in Texas I was unprepared for the water to be hot as the water in California is always cold. I was shocked and thought something was wrong. Take in a long stroll or a run on the sand. It's a great workout. Plus you can't beat the view! And while you are there, why not partake in a beach devotional...

Find yourself admiring the ocean view, one of God's greatest creations, and reflect back with this devotional from Hallmark. A beach trip is something I do about once a year so I plan on using this every time I go. Years from now I can look over my entries and see where I was spiritually at the time. Almost like a mental scrapbook.

Pick your summer novel. I read this book one summer on our family trip to Mexico. I was so hooked you would find me in any corner of the house trying to get some reading in while the house was full of family and kids running about. 

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How about keeping a summer journal? Make it fun. Think Smash Book. Add pictures and mementos of all your summer adventures. And how cute is this journal by CakePaperie? Flamingos scream summer!

What are your summer plans this year? I'd love to hear them!

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