Life in Mascara: New in e.l.f. Brushes

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New in e.l.f. Brushes

In my May trip to New York I went to the e.l.f. store to pick up a few goodies. It is what I imagine a small child to be like inside Dylan's Candy Bar minus the squealing...ok maybe a little bit of squealing happened...ok a lot of squealing happened! High on my list was some of their new brushes to add to my collection. In my opinion, e.l.f. brushes are such good quality and comparable to the Real Technique brushes and with a much bigger variety. Here is what I picked up:

1. Crease Brush $3- Thin and precise. Works great when creating a cut crease look. 

2. Mineral Powder Brush $3- My only complaint here is that the brush is a bit small for me to buff loose mineral makeup all over my face. It does do the job wonderfully but I would have preferred a fuller brush. So just think it will take you a bit more time. However, fits rather well under the eye and through the 't zone' so if you just want to set your mineral makeup with e.l.f. Mineral Booster then you are good. 

3. Ultimate Blending Brush $6- Consider your brush collection incomplete if you don't have this brush. Such a great addition to my collection. I prefer using round top blending brushes to blend in loose powder and I have been doing just that with e.l.f. Studio S.P.F. 45 Powder

4. Lash and Eyebrow Comb $3- Somehow I no longer owned one of these. It doesn't do anything special but when in Rome...

5. Contouring Brush $6- If you are like me and paid an audacious amount of money for the NARS Ita brush, you can basically retire it and replace it with this one. Plus this one is a lot more dense and doesn't shed and its bristles crackle like the NARS one. Oh am I in love with this one! I can not wait to own and use it with their new contour palette. Anyone out there order it already?

6. Blending Brush $3- I like to use this after I have put all the different eye shadows on my lid to make sure there are no harsh lines.


  1. I have really come to love these brushes!

    I decided on a whim to do an ELF haul last week to do an ELF challenge and have really enjoyed the brushes most of all. I would love to go to the ELF store someday; I am green with envy!

    I just might have to place an order for these brushes and the lip set they have on sale right now! You should check it out!

  2. If I could own every thing e.l.f. makes I would be entirely happy! I was waiting for 4th of July to do a big order just in case they do a promo.