Life in Mascara: New Year's Goals Update At Mid Year Point

Monday, June 1, 2015

New Year's Goals Update At Mid Year Point

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The title alone, a mouthful I know. But can you believe we are mid year already? Who else is still recovering financially from the holiday boom? Goodness! I know this year has been a whirlwind for me. So much has happened in these past 6 months that when I look back, 6 months time alone feels like an entire year.

I wanted to regroup at mid year where I was with my New Year's Goals. You may remember in this post that I wanted to see them as goals and not resolutions. I just didn't want to add more pressure to myself than I normally would. So far, I will say, that I am very pleased with how I have approached things. Here are a few things that I have accomplished this year:

  • Family First- I wanted to make it more of a point to plan family events. My family is all spread out and we normally see each other once a year. It is very hard on me and on them too. Husband's family is all here and I have built myself a very strong support system of friends. I have focused on having monthly events where we come together and build memories. I want my boys to have as many fun filled memories with their cousins and their grandparents as I have of my childhood. Honestly, it has been very fun for husband and I as well. Seeing the boys so happy and running around is fulfilling but it also gives us a chance to relax and be surrounded by the people we love.
  • Debt Reduction- I had read that one of the biggest stressers a couple can have is financial debt. Well I brought in a truck load via student loans and a past life into this marriage. I have spoken many times about my prior relationship and how toxic it became. When I first left, I had nothing. Restarting your life from the ground up can be expensive and it sure was for me. My dog Bear requires so much medication and expensive food, I was still recovering from surgery and had a lot of medical bills, and then my car broke down. Money was leaving my account faster than I could replenish it. During that time, my brother came to my rescue and I will forever be thankful for his help and his patience as I began the long process to pay him back. After 3 years, I was finally at a place in my life where the sun was rising and I was able to do so. It made me so very happy to seal this debt. More than anything I felt like I was closing a chapter from that gray time in my life. But there was still more. I had been working very hard for years to eliminate it and with husbands immense help this year we were able to pay off one of the biggest debts that I had been carrying around for years. The relief I felt when I made the final payment...indescribable. Since then I have reassessed my finances and have redirected funds to the next debt line that will hopefully be taken care of. I am light years from where I started this year, but not quit where I need to be...not yet that is. 
  • Grow My Blog- Since relaunching my blog last September, I have poured my soul and my free time in creating content that I am proud and passionate about. I believe in what I do and hope to reach others out there. I long to build a community here of supportive and like minded individuals who will want to share their stories and passions. I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and have not missed a single one since restarting. I also invested in transferring my blog into a website and hired a team to create a more aesthetically pleasing site. A handful of people have been kind enough to leave comments and I reply to every single one. Probably the most memorable moment was when Lara Casey commented on the post of her book review which has been one of the most emotional ones for me to write about. I write for me; I write for you. I want to hear your voice too.
  • Getting Published- Furore Magazine granted my life wish of having an article published. Such a surreal and exciting experience. I am still vibrating from that high.
  • Compete A Triathlon- I have run many a half marathons, but I had never delved into anything more challenging. This past May I did my first tri event and I did very well for myself. Such an empowering experience! I am very proud of my body and honestly have a new respect for it and what it can endure. 
As you can see it has been a full 6 months. I trust that the remainder of the year will be just as fruitful. Tell me, how are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions and Goals?

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